Beat-Era Cinema

11/5/06 to 12/3/06

  • Pull My Daisy, November 21

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Past Films

  • Tarzan and Jane Regained . . . Sort Of

    • Sunday, December 3 14:00

    Wallace Berman, Claes Oldenburg, and other art stars appear in an Andy Warhol romp through 1963 L.A. With Lawrence Jordan's Triptych in Four Parts, featuring Berman.

  • Beat Films

    • Tuesday, November 21 19:30

    Hailed in its time as a harbinger of a new film movement that prized spontaneity and lived experience, Robert Frank and Alfred Leslie's Pull My Daisy is perhaps the ultimate Beat film, narrated by Jack Kerouac and featuring Allen Ginsberg, Gregory Corso, and Peter Orlovsky. Plus Wallace Berman's Aleph and works by Bruce Conner and Christopher Maclaine that evoke the dark side of postwar America.

  • The <i>Semina</i> Circle

    • Sunday, November 5 14:00

    The visionary artists and poets who created a community around Wallace Berman's magazine Semina are depicted in works by Berman, Bruce Conner, Lawrence Jordan, and others.