Brave Outsiders: The Films of Kim Longinotto

4/13/06 to 4/15/06

  • Divorce Iranian Style, April 14

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Past Films

  • Sisters in Law

    • Saturday, April 15 20:50

    Kim Longinotto in Person. Female judges and lawyers lay down the law in Longinotto's compelling and vital study of women navigating Cameroon's legal system. "These women are brave, fierce, and ultimately joyous in their support for each other."-Vancouver International Film Festival

  • The Day I Will Never Forget

    • Saturday, April 15 18:30

    Kim Longinotto in Person. Longinotto's unblinking look at the practice of female circumcision in Kenya-why it continues after being outlawed, and the brave girls who defy their elders.

  • Divorce Iranian Style

    • Friday, April 14 21:15

    Kim Longinotto in Person. A look at Iranian marital life and strife through the stories of six women seeking the right to divorce. "A small, direct, tantalizing documentary."-Village Voice

  • Runaway

    • Friday, April 14 19:00

    Kim Longinotto in Person. A center for young runaways in Tehran is the setting for this intensely moving, insightful, and troubling portrait of rebellious young women and the conditions under which they live.

  • Dream Girls

    • Thursday, April 13 20:45

    Kim Longinotto in Person. A look inside Japan's Takarazuka Music School and Theater, a Vegas-style revue where all the men are played by women. With The Good Wife of Tokyo, a beautiful and funny study of the contradictions of family life for women in Japan.

  • Pride of Place

    • Thursday, April 13 19:00

    Kim Longinotto in Person. Revisiting the British boarding school of her youth, Longinotto's debut film exposes a world of bizarre rules, indigestible food, and absurd, unfair punishments.