Charles Chaplin

11/18/07 to 12/19/07

Our series of pristine prints is an invitation to reconsider the career of Charles Chaplin, extraordinary performer and complex artist, maker of films that were poignant, pointed, and, above all, funny. This is the way for adults and kids alike to experience Chaplin: not at home, but on the big screen, in the community of an audience.

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  • Sunnyside, November 23

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Past Films

  • City Lights

    • Wednesday, December 19 7:00 PM

    Please see Friday, December 14.

  • Modern Times

    • Wednesday, December 19 8:45 PM

    Chaplin's politically outspoken film also contains some of his funniest scenes, in which Charlie causes complete chaos simply by being human.

  • The Gold Rush

    • Tuesday, December 18 7:00 PM

    The film by which Chaplin wished to be remembered contains some of his most treasured comic nuggets, along with commentary on financial folly.

  • A King in New York

    • Tuesday, December 18 8:40 PM

    Chaplin's take on 1950s America is “hugely funny, healthily vulgar [and] always extremely moving.”-N.Y. Times

  • Monsieur Verdoux

    • Sunday, December 16 4:30 PM

    Please see Friday, December 14.

  • City Lights

    • Friday, December 14 7:00 PM

    “Chaplin's most masterful blend of pathos and comedy. . . . You can't leave the planet without seeing this movie at least once.”-S.F. Chronicle. Repeated on Wednesday, December 19.

  • Monsieur Verdoux

    • Friday, December 14 8:45 PM

    Chaplin plays a modern Bluebeard in a satiric, surprising “comedy of murders,” based on a story idea by Orson Welles. Repeated on Sunday, December 16.

  • Limelight

    • Tuesday, December 11 7:30 PM

    Playing a faded entertainer, Chaplin evokes the music-hall days of his youth. “A masterpiece. Few cinema artists have delved into their own lives and emotions with such ruthlessness and with such moving results.”-Time Out

  • The Great Dictator

    • Sunday, December 9 2:00 PM

    Chaplin takes on that other famous guy with a small black moustache. “A time capsule, a timeless document and a profound work of conscience. . . . See it with a crowd.”-S.F. Chronicle

  • A Dog's Life, The Idle Class, and Shoulder Arms

    • Saturday, December 8 2:30 PM

    Three shorts hone the edge of social satire that would run through Chaplin's career.

  • The Circus

    • Saturday, December 8 4:50 PM

    The Tramp becomes an accidental clown in this little-known but irresistibly funny film.

  • Chaplin at Mutual: Four Short Comedies (Free Screening!)

    • Thursday, December 6 5:30 PM

    Judith Rosenberg on Piano. Chaplin's comic grace, directorial talents, and penchant for pathos are already evident in these early shorts.

  • The Kid

    • Saturday, November 24 4:45 PM

    With The Pilgrim. Please see Sunday, November 18.

  • Sunnyside, A Day's Pleasure, and Pay Day

    • Friday, November 23 4:00 PM

    Three shorts find Chaplin's character at work and at play, beleaguered, often exasperated, and hardly innocent.

  • Charlie: The Life and Art of Charles Chaplin

    • Friday, November 23 5:45 PM

    Richard Schickel's documentary offers “a serious, often illuminating, and unavoidably entertaining account.”-Village Voice

  • The Kid

    • Sunday, November 18 2:00 PM

    The Tramp and foundling Jackie Coogan live by their wits in a film that's “still fresh, funny and poignant today.”-S.F. Chronicle. With The Pilgrim. Repeated on Saturday, November 24.