Cinema Mon Amour

February 3–7, 2016

Celebrate and remember our storied past as we embark on this exciting new chapter in our institution’s history.

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  • Ingmar Bergman, The Seventh Seal, 1957

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Past Films

  • Gary Meyer Selects: Trailers and Short Films

    • Wednesday, August 17 7 PM

    Presented by Gary Meyer
    Landmark Theatres cofounder revisits a life spent going to the movies, with shorts from Méliès to Brakhage, Hitchcock to Brooks, and plenty of trailers and coming attractions.


  • Vijay Anderson Selects: Love Streams

    • Sunday, August 14 6:30 PM
    John Cassavetes
    United States, 1984

    BAMPFA Collection Print

    Introduced by Vijay Anderson
    Bay Area musician Anderson introduces Cassavetes’s “mighty, intimate, kaleidoscopically subjective, bravely self-searching summation of a career, an era, and a life" (New Yorker).

  • Tiffany Shlain Selects: The Beaches of Agnès

    • Thursday, August 11 7 PM
    Agnès Varda
    France, 2008

    Introduced by Tiffany Shlain
    Varda takes a cinematic stroll through her long career—and the history of French film—in this jovial first-person documentary.

  • The Seventh Seal

    • Wednesday, February 3 7:30 PM
    • Sunday, February 7 12:45 PM
    • Sunday, February 7 7 PM
    Ingmar Bergman
    Sweden, 1957

    New 35mm Print!

    A medieval knight challenges Death to a game of chess in Ingmar Bergman’s iconic work of cinematic philosophy. 

  • The Tarnished Angels

    • Saturday, February 6 8:00 PM
    Douglas Sirk
    United States, 1957

    New 35mm Print!

    Introduced by Lynda Myles
    Reporter Rock's fascination with the marginal lives of fairground flier Stack and his wife Malone.

  • Edith Kramer Selects: Shorts from the BAMPFA Collection

    • Saturday, February 6 6:30 PM

    Introduced by Edith Kramer
    Three powerful films, Bruce Conner’s A Movie, George Kuchar’s Hold Me While I’m Naked, and Octavio Cortázar's For the First Time.

  • Sheldon Renan Selects: Light and Time

    • Friday, February 5 8:30 PM

    Introduced by Sheldon Renan
    A selection of classic short films drawn largely from the BAMPFA collection selected by founding PFA director Sheldon Renan.

  • Ilyich’s Gate

    • Thursday, February 4 7 PM
    Marlen Khutsiev
    USSR, 1962

    35mm Imported Print!

    Introduced by Tom Luddy
    This "poem of Moscow," one of the key works in Soviet film history, tells of three childhood friends from the old industrial region of the city.