Cinema Mon Amour: Fall 2016

November 27–December 8, 2016

David and Janet Peoples, Justin Desmangles, and Daniel Clowes present films that inspire them.

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  • The Flower Thief

  • The President's Analyst

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Past Films

  • Daniel Clowes Selects: The President’s Analyst

    • Thursday, December 8 7 PM
    Theodore J. Flicker
    United States, 1967

    Archival Print

    Introduced by Daniel Clowes.
    James Coburn is a psychoanalyst who becomes as paranoid as his patient—the President—in this sixties headtrip through hippies, squares, and general nutters.

  • Justin Desmangles Selects: The Flower Thief

    • Wednesday, November 30 7 PM
    Ron Rice
    United States, 1961

    Introduced by Justin Desmangles.
    Warhol sensation Taylor Mead, “the first underground movie star” (J. Hoberman), flits through a Beat-era San Francisco of smoky North Beach cafes and dreamy poets in Rice’s legendary counterculture film. “The purest expression of the Beat sensibility in cinema” (P. Adams Sitney).



  • Janet & David Peoples Select: Gadjo Dilo

    • Sunday, November 27 7 PM
    Tony Gatlif
    France, 1997

    Introduced by Janet and David Peoples.
    A Frenchman travels to a small Romani village in Romania and immerses himself in Romani music and culture in this “often genuinely intoxicating brew” (