Committed Cinema: John Gianvito and Paul Chan

9/24/13 to 10/23/13

We open our new ongoing series Committed Cinema with John Gianvito and Paul Chan, filmmakers whose works arise out of political conviction and aesthetic innovation to explore vital and urgent issues of our times.

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Past Films

  • From Baghdad to Badlands

    • Wednesday, October 23 7 pm

    Paul Chan (U.S., 2010–13). Paul Chan in person. Introduced by Apsara DiQuinzio. Chan's video essay on Iraq just prior to the American invasion, plus other projects by the artist/activist, including his new experimental press Badlands Unlimited. (90 mins)

  • Waiting for Godot and Beyond

    • Tuesday, October 22 7 pm

    Paul Chan (U.S., 2005–10). Paul Chan and Ted Purves in conversation. Documentation of artist/activist Paul Chan's staging of Waiting for Godot in Katrina-devastated New Orleans, plus videos exploring the state of America, post-9/11. (90 mins, plus conversation)

  • Profit motive and the whispering wind

    • Wednesday, September 25 7 pm

    John Gianvito (U.S., 2007). John Gianvito in person. A minimalist memorial to America's radicals and freethinkers, inspired by Howard Zinn. (58 mins)

  • Far From Afghanistan

    • Tuesday, September 24 7:00 pm

    John Gianvito, Jon Jost, Soon-Mi Yoo, Minda Martin, Travis Wilkerson (U.S./Afghanistan, 2012). John Gianvito and Jeffrey Skoller in conversation. An omnibus film by five politically committed filmmakers focusing on the impact of the war in Afghanistan. (129 mins, plus conversation)