Contemporary Indigenous Media

February 10–April 14, 2022

In our first series to explore the breadth of Indigenous media currently being made in the Americas, we place works in relation to one another across geographies and stylistic approaches, with filmmakers from South and North America in conversation.

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  • Kicking the Clouds

  • Nũhũ yãg mũ yõg hãm: This Land Is Our Land!

  • Tío Yim

  • Itzcóatl

  • Mobilize

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  • Past
  • Past

Past Films

  • Films by New Red Order and Other Collaborative Constellations

    • Thursday, April 14 7 PM

    A selection of shorts by New Red Order—a public secret society that creates videos, performances, and exhibitions related to indigeneity—and other collaborative groups.

    Adam Khalil in Person

  • we are telling a story of our existence

    • Thursday, April 7 7 PM

    Seven diverse films—including new films by Alanis Obomsawin, Natalie Diaz, and Sky Hopinka—feature archival footage and audio recordings, public testimony and personal memories.

    Sky Hopinka, Natalie Diaz, and Natalia Brizuela in Conversation

  • Tío Yim

    • Thursday, March 3 7 PM
    Luna Marán
    Mexico, 2019

    In her first feature film, Marán encourages her father—a singer-songwriter, Indigenous philosopher, and community leader—to write a song about his complex life.

    Luna Marán and Natalia Brizuela In-Theater Livestream Conversation

  • Nũhũ yãg mũ yõg hãm: This Land Is Our Land!

    • Thursday, February 24 7 PM
    Isael Maxakali, Sueli Maxakali, Carolina Canguçu, Roberto Romero
    Brazil, 2020

    Nũhũ yãg mũ yõg hãm—literally, “this land is our land”—creates an alternative system of audiovisual cartography to give shape‚ both physical and mythical, to the Tikmũ’ũn territory in northeast Brazil.

  • what was always yours and never lost

    • Thursday, February 10 7 PM

    Curated by Sky Hopinka

    This program, curated by Sky Hopinka, features works by artists from different countries—Canada, the United States, and Mexico—and homelands. Each artist makes works that traverse topics dealing directly and indirectly with Indigeneity.