Criminal Minds

7/23/10 to 8/13/10

Live on the edge a little this summer, with some help from friends like Jack the Ripper, Al Capone, and Boxcar Bertha, with this series highlighting the “true-life” crime genre.

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  • The Rise and Fall of Legs Diamond, August 13

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Past Films

  • The Rise and Fall of Legs Diamond

    • Friday, August 13 7:00 PM

    Budd Boetticher (U.S., 1960). Watch sociopath Legs Diamond go from two-bit hoofer to mob kingpin in genre master Budd Boetticher's gangster epic, pistol-whipping its way across New York's Roaring Twenties with help from ace D.P. Lucien Ballard. (101 mins)

  • Al Capone

    • Friday, August 13 9:00 PM

    Richard Wilson (U.S., 1959). A suitably bulldogged Rod Steiger is the gangster of all gangsters, Al Capone, ready to rub out all comers and take over Chicago, one St. Valentine's Day Massacre at a time. (104 mins)

  • Compulsion

    • Friday, August 6 7:00 PM

    Richard Fleischer (1959). Two young men of privilege (based on infamous killers Leopold and Loeb) assumed their obvious superiority would help them get away with murder. Ooops. With Dean Stockwell and Orson Welles. (105 mins)

  • Boxcar Bertha

    • Friday, August 6 9:10 PM

    Depression-era outlaw Boxcar Bertha and her anarchist sidekick Big Bill Shelley ruled the Arkansas rails of the ‘30s, robbing trains and menacing moguls countrywide. Scorsese's first Hollywood film, starring Barbara Hershey and David Carradine.
    (92 mins)

  • The Boston Strangler

    • Friday, July 30 8:45 PM

    Richard Fleischer (1968). It's creepy working-man Tony Curtis versus solid Detective George Kennedy and attorney Henry Fonda in Fleischer's acclaimed late-noir, a portrait of Boston as seen through its seedy underbelly and overwhelmed cops. (116 mins)

  • The Lodger

    • Friday, July 30 7:00 PM

    John Brahm (1944). Out of the London fog comes . . . a mysterious lodger by day, and Jack the Ripper by night, in John Brahm's moody noir, shot by legendary D.P. Lucien Ballard. Laird Cregar and Merle Oberon star. (84 mins)

  • Cell 2455, Death Row

    • Friday, July 23 7:00 PM

    Fred F. Sears (1955). Welcome to San Quentin's Death Row: the “Red Light Bandit” is your guest, taking you through his life of crime, in this searing but sympathetic exposé of a delinquent raging against authority, but now seeking redemption. (76 mins)

  • I Want to Live!

    • Friday, July 23 8:45 PM

    Robert Wise (1958). “The queen of the murder mob,” Oakland-born “Bloody Babs” was sentenced to the gas chamber in 1953, and as played by Susan Hayward (in an Oscar-winning performance) she's “young, attractive, belligerent, immoral…and guilty as hell.” (120 mins)