A Dirty Dozen: The Films of Robert Aldrich

11/21/08 to 12/20/08

Aldrich found a challenging refuge in Hollywood genres, but he always tampered with the conventions, proffering startling themes and “sold-out dreams.” Several screenings are introduced by his daughter Adell Aldrich.

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  • The Big Knife, December 4

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Past Films

  • Hush . . . Hush, Sweet Charlotte

    • Saturday, December 20 8:45 PM

    “Though (Bette) Davis gives her standard spectacular performance . . . it's (Olivia) de Havilland who gets the chance to show some unexpected range.”-N.Y. Times

  • . . . All the Marbles

    • Friday, December 19 6:30 PM

    “The subject of female team-tag wrestling could have been treated in terms of its sordidness and squalor. Instead, the characterizations emerge as warmly witty and sweet.”-Village Voice

  • Twilight's Last Gleaming

    • Tuesday, December 16 7:30 PM

    “Aldrich pulls out all the stops in this pulpy, subversive political thriller about a band of rogue American soldiers who seize a missile base and threaten to start World War III if the White House and the Pentagon don't tell the full truth about Vietnam.”-Village Voice. With Burt Lancaster.

  • Ulzana's Raid

    • Saturday, December 13 8:40 PM

    Introduced by Adell Aldrich. Burt Lancaster tracks an apache insurgent in this disillusioned Vietnam-era Western.

  • The Garment Jungle

    • Thursday, December 11 6:30 PM

    A garment-district noir with political underpinnings: “On the Fashion Front, a radical retort.”-Time Out

  • The Killing of Sister George

    • Thursday, December 11 8:20 PM

    A grotesque parody of the disparity between real life and television “realism.” With Beryl Reid, Susannah York.

  • Attack!

    • Saturday, December 6 6:00 PM

    Introduction and Booksigning by David Thomson. “A brilliant predecessor to Kubrick's Paths of Glory. . . . Where Kubrick analyzes, Aldrich attacks.”-Time Out

  • Kiss Me Deadly

    • Saturday, December 6 8:45 PM

    Introduced by David Thomson. Aldrich melts down the B detective thriller into a vision of Armageddon in L.A. Ralph Meeker is Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer.

  • The Big Knife

    • Thursday, December 4 8:30 PM

    Hollywood didn't have to look far to find images of entrapment and despair. With Lupino, Palance, and Steiger.

  • Autumn Leaves

    • Friday, November 28 6:30 PM

    Does a spinster-typist deserve happiness? Fifties psychiatry fare, alternately overwrought and genuinely moving in the expressionist manner of both Joan Crawford and Aldrich.

  • Vera Cruz

    • Friday, November 21 6:30 PM

    Introduced by Adell Aldrich. A beautiful, cynical, color, widescreen adventure set in Mexico. “This is the movie that immortalized for me Burt Lancaster's smile.”-Barry Gifford

  • The Last Sunset

    • Friday, November 21 8:45 PM

    Introduced by Adell Aldrich. Rock Hudson and Kirk Douglas in a Western that “quivers with psychosexual tension.”-Film Comment