Documentary Voices 2016

February 10–April 13, 2016

A selection of recent and historical films that extend the documentary form in provocative ways. With Alan Berliner as our first Les Blank Lecturer.

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  • Primary

  • First Cousin Once Removed

  • Maidan. Courtesy Cinema Guild.

  • Suitcase of Love and Shame

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Past Films

  • Suitcase of Love and Shame

    • Wednesday, April 13 7 PM
    Jane Gillooly
    United States, 2013

    A found suitcase of reel-to-reel audiotapes, containing recorded love letters between a married man and his lover, is the origin story behind this reconstruction of their affair, using minimal, evocative images.

  • The Pearl Button

    • Wednesday, March 16 7 PM
    Patricio Guzmán
    Chile/France/Spain, 2015

    Guzmán (Nostalgia for the Light) continues his excavation of Chile’s hidden past by using the theme of water to tie together strands of history and natural history in Patagonia.

  • Primary

    • Wednesday, March 9 7 PM
    Albert Maysles, D. A. Pennebaker, Robert Drew
    United States, 1960

    A cinema-verité treatment of John F. Kennedy’s campaign against Hubert Humphrey during the 1960 primary race, Primary ranks among the most influential documentaries of the postwar period.

  • One Cut, One Life

    • Wednesday, February 24 7 PM
    Lucia Small, Ed Pincus
    United States, 2014

    Renowned autobiographical filmmaker Ed Pincus returns to documentary cinema with this self-reflective look at mortality, relationships, and trauma, made in collaboration with Lucia Small. “Thorny, tender, and unvarnished” (LA Times).

  • Maidan

    • Wednesday, February 17 7 PM
    Sergei Loznitsa
    Ukraine/Netherlands, 2014

    A bracing portrait of resistance and revolution, Maidan tracks the riots in Kiev’s Maidan Square from peaceful protest to violent confrontation. “An impressive, bold treatment of a complex subject” (Variety).

  • First Cousin Once Removed

    • Wednesday, February 10 7 PM
    Alan Berliner
    United States, 2013

    Les Blank Lecture by Alan Berliner
    Berliner’s most recent film is a portrait of his cousin and mentor, Edwin Honig, a renowned poet who suffered from Alzheimer’s disease. “Heartbreaking, haunting, and unexpectedly heartening” (LA Times). With short Everywhere at Once.