Dutch Voices: Jos De Putter and Peter Delpeut

9/18/05 to 10/27/05

  • Alias Kurban Said, September 22

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Past Films

  • Lyrical Nitrate

    • Thursday, October 27 19:00

    In Delpeut's exquisite montage, hand-tinted silent films "have such extraordinary ethereal earthiness that the images and movement (particularly of the women) feel like they emanate from the film's material prima, its compound of silver and minerals."-Village Voice. With Treasures of the Rijksmuseum and Cinéma Perdu.

  • Diva Dolorosa

    • Sunday, October 23 16:00

    Delpeut beautifully reworks archival footage from preserved Italian films of the 1910s to reveal how Italian actresses reshaped the concept of the sexually liberated woman.

  • Tigre Reale

    • Sunday, October 23 17:35

    Judith Rosenberg on Piano. A showcase for the great diva Pina Menichelli, who captured the essence of Art Nouveau in her perverse charm, "devilish and modern."-Eva Vittadello

  • The Damned and the Sacred

    • Sunday, October 16 16:00

    A children's dance troupe emerges from wartorn Chechnya to tour the concert halls of Europe. "Extraordinary . . . filled with great cinematic beauty."-Vancouver Film Festival

  • The Forbidden Quest

    • Sunday, October 16 17:30

    Delpeut reframes stunning archival footage of polar exploration as fantastic fiction. "Surreal and enigmatic . . . has the makings of a minor cult classic."-Variety

  • Go West, Young Man!

    • Sunday, October 9 16:00

    Europeans set out on a road trip across the American West, searching for traces of its movies and myths.

  • Monte Walsh

    • Sunday, October 9 17:40

    Cowboys Lee Marvin and Jack Palance find themselves obsolete in this elegiac Western.

  • Brooklyn Stories

    • Sunday, October 2 16:00

    The Brooklyn Dodgers' many losses are recounted by borough old-timers in this celebration of baseball and the art of storytelling. With Solo, Law of the Favela: Watched by professional clubs, two Brazilian boys dream of escaping poverty through soccer.

  • It's Been a Lovely Day

    • Sunday, October 2 18:10

    De Putter documents the last year of his parents' farm and, not incidentally, the gorgeous Dutch light in the skies above it. "A riveting study in the purest documentary tradition."-Variety

  • Salon with Peter Delpeut (Admission Free)

    • Friday, September 30 13:30

  • Felice . . . Felice . . .

    • Thursday, September 29 19:30

    Peter Delpeut in Person. Set in turn-of-the-century Japan brought to life by hand-tinted archival photographs and an excellent Dutch and Japanese cast, "Delpeut's exquisitely crafted drama is at once a travelogue, a love story, a tribute to Mizoguchi, and a gentle satire about Western attitudes toward Japan."-Time Out

  • Nagasaki Stories

    • Sunday, September 25 17:30

    Survivors of the atomic bombing of Nagasaki share stories of their past and present. "The almost whispering atmosphere of the film reminds us of Ozu."-NRC Handelsblad. With Nor His Donkey, a bemused look at the Tenth Commandment.

  • Salon with Jos de Putter (Admission Free)

    • Friday, September 23 13:30

  • Alias Kurban Saïd

    • Thursday, September 22 19:30

    Introduced by Jos de Putter. A travelogue told through old newsreels and crumbling letters, crossing continents and the minefields of religious and cultural identity, this literary mystery traces the secrets behind the unknown author of the 1937 novel Ali and Nino, a Romeo and Juliet tale of love between Muslim and Christian in Azerbaijan. "A magnificent historical whodunit."-Variety

  • The Making of a New Empire

    • Sunday, September 18 17:30

    Chechen underworld-figure-turned-politician Khozh-Ahmed Noukhaev is the larger-than-life subject of de Putter's look at modern Chechnya. "A foreign and exotic world brought close by a sensitive and provocative filmmaking team."-Toronto Film Festival