Enthusiasm: Film Preservation Week at PFA

2/13/05 to 2/20/05

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Past Films

  • The Scarlet Letter

    • Sunday, February 20 3:00pm

    Introduced by Robert Gitt. Jon Mirsalis on Piano. Lillian Gish in Victor Seastrom's none-too-puritanical adaptation of Hawthorne.

  • The Sound of the Twenties: Vitaphone Shorts (1927-29)

    • Sunday, February 20 5:30pm

    Introduced by Robert Gitt. A mandolin wizard, an eccentric violinist, and a quartet of singing cops: early musical shorts (1927-29) are full of surprises.

  • The Second Floor Mystery

    • Sunday, February 20 8:00pm

    Introduced by Robert Gitt. This breezy comedy-mystery starring a young Loretta Young hasn't been seen for over 70 years!

  • No Way Out

    • Saturday, February 19 7:00pm

    Introduced by Robert Gitt. Sidney Poitier made his feature debut as a young doctor in this explosive, controversial portrayal of 1950s America's repressed racial hostilities. With Richard Widmark, Ossie Davis, and Ruby Dee.

  • Counsellor at Law

    • Saturday, February 19 9:20pm

    Introduced by Robert Gitt. A tough, fast-paced pre-Code look at the class divide, with John Barrymore as a Jewish lawyer who's worked his way up from tenement to skyscraper.

  • Paths of Glory

    • Friday, February 18 9:15pm

    Introduced by Robert Gitt. Stanley Kubrick's early masterwork stars Kirk Douglas in a brilliantly visualized, unsparing critique of military hypocrisy, set during WWI but resonant now.

  • A Farewell to Arms

    • Friday, February 18 7:00pm

    Introduced by Robert Gitt. Gary Cooper and Helen Hayes in Frank Borzage's moving adaptation of the Hemingway classic. This print restores censored footage and includes both original and alternate endings.

  • A History of Color

    • Thursday, February 17 7:30pm

    Illustrated Lecture by Robert Gitt. UCLA's chief film preservationist presents an entertaining, informative, and visually stunning history of color in the movies, illustrated with clips from gloriously preserved 35mm prints.

  • Enthusiasm

    • Sunday, February 13 5:30pm

    Introduced by Caroline Yeager. Dziga Vertov's experimental documentary on the miners of the Don Basin brilliantly juxtaposes image and sound. Chaplin called it "one of the most superb symphonies I have known. Dziga Vertov is a musician."