Every Little Thing: The Films of Nicolas Philibert

2/24/05 to 2/27/05

  • To Be and To Have|February 24|

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Past Films

  • Louvre City

    • Sunday, February 27 12:30pm

    Nicolas Philibert in Person. A witty, beautifully observed documentary on the behind-the-scenes workings of the Louvre, filmed, says Philibert, as you would a ballet, as curators, restorers, and attendants all prepare for the grand reopening following the construction of I. M. Pei's Pyramid.

  • Animals

    • Sunday, February 27 2:30pm

    For description, please see February 26, above. Followed by Louvre City (see description above).

  • Every Little Thing

    • Saturday, February 26 7:00pm

    Nicolas Philibert in Person. Every summer the residents and nurses at La Borde psychiatric hospital put on a play. In 1995 they performed a work by Witold Gombrowicz, who fully understood what the residents also know: that feelings can't be "crammed into words."

  • Animals

    • Saturday, February 26 9:25pm

    Nicolas Philibert in Person. A droll and engrossing look at the restoration of Paris's National Natural History Museum and the reinstatement of its inhabitants-elephants, badgers, and butterflies who with their fixed stares observe us observing them.

  • Nicolas Philibert in Conversation (Admission Free!)

    • Friday, February 25 1:30pm

    An informal and intimate conversation with the artist about his work, designed for students but open to the public.

  • In the Land of the Deaf

    • Friday, February 25 7:30pm

    Nicolas Philibert in Person, Sign Language Interpretation Provided. Following the lives and stories of a number of deaf people, Philibert "carries viewers into a different but completely understandable culture, a world with its own rich language. Film is the perfect medium for capturing this beautifully lyrical, visual language of gestures."-NY Times

  • To Be and To Have

    • Thursday, February 24 7:00pm

    Lecture by Nicolas Philibert. This gentle and illuminating film on a teacher and his students in rural France has been that country's most successful theatrical documentary feature ever, and here made critics' Top Ten lists. In a one-room school Philibert finds "an ardent celebration of one special stop along the difficult road of becoming a human being."-The New Yorker. Philibert's Documentary Voices lecture precedes the film.