Eyes Wide: The Films of Stanley Kubrick

9/4/14 to 10/31/14

This complete Kubrick retrospective begins with his first feature, 1953's Fear and Desire, an existentialist exercise in the futility of war, and ends with Eyes Wide Shut, an absurdist exercise in the depths of the erotic, released after his death in 1999. These thirteen films, made over a span of forty-six years, reveal the ever-curious, pessimistic, and meticulous mind of one our great directors.

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Past Films

  • Eyes Wide Shut

    • Friday, October 31 7:30 PM

    Stanley Kubrick (US, 1999). Special Halloween Screening: Wear a Mask! A married couple (real-life duo Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman) free fall through a psychological landscape of sexuality and fantasy. “A spellbinder: provocatively conceived, gorgeously shot, and masterfully executed” (Chicago Tribune). (159 mins)

  • Full Metal Jacket

    • Saturday, October 25 8:30 PM

    Stanley Kubrick (US, 1987). The madness of the Vietnam War, as seen through Kubrick's disorienting vision. “May be the best war movie ever made” (Toronto Globe and Mail). “As embracing as a full-metal-jacketed bullet in the gut” (Newsweek). (116 mins)

  • The Shining

    • Friday, October 24 7:30 PM

    Stanley Kubrick (US, 1980). Kubrick reinvents horror as a new kind of screwball comedy as Jack Nicholson terrorizes Shelley Duvall at a mountain retreat. “A majestically terrifying movie, where what you don't see or comprehend shadows every move the characters make” (Martin Scorsese). (144 mins)

  • Barry Lyndon

    • Saturday, October 18 7:00 PM

    Stanley Kubrick (US, 1975). Kubrick's blithely ribald tale of a young Irishman longing to become an English aristocrat recounts, with candle-lit wit, his well-earned comeuppance. (184 mins)

  • A Clockwork Orange

    • Saturday, October 11 8:30 PM

    Stanley Kubrick (US, 1971). The droogs are coming, and they fancy a bit of the old ultraviolence, in this highly influential punk-anarchic vision of the future, starring Malcolm McDowell as a jack-booted psychotic on the loose. Often quoted, never topped. (136 mins)

  • Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

    • Saturday, October 4 8:40 PM

    Stanley Kubrick (US, 1964). 4K Restoration! Peter Sellers, Sterling Hayden, George C. Scott, and Peter Sellers (again) star in Kubrick's scathing satire on the nuclear age. Cold War camp, here brought to life in a luminous 4K restoration. (94 mins)

  • 2001: A Space Odyssey

    • Friday, October 3 7:30 PM

    Stanley Kubrick (US, 1968). Kubrick harnesses the widescreen, epic format for an intensely metaphysical experience in space and time. (160 mins)

  • Lolita

    • Friday, September 19 7:30 PM

    Stanley Kubrick (US, 1962). James Mason falls for a rather underage girl in Kubrick's delightful adaptation of the notorious Nabokov novella. Peter Sellers and Shelley Winters add their own scene-stealing peculiarities to this pitch-black, comical retelling. (152 mins)

  • Spartacus

    • Saturday, September 13 7:00 PM

    Stanley Kubrick (US, 1960). Buff Kirk Douglas rides his chariot from slavery to freedom in Kubrick's remarkable epic. Laurence Olivier, Jean Simmons, and Charles Laughton add some thespian flair to this sword-and-sandals blockbuster. (197 mins)

  • Paths of Glory

    • Saturday, September 6 6:30 PM

    Stanley Kubrick (US, 1957). “Kubrick's first full-fledged masterpiece is a peerless insanity-of-war picture . . . Kirk Douglas has never been better” (Time Out NY). (87 mins)

  • The Killing

    • Saturday, September 6 8:20 PM

    Stanley Kubrick (US, 1956). Sterling Hayden heads up a phenomenal cast of B players plotting a racetrack holdup in Kubrick's high-voltage thriller. “Not to be missed” (Chicago Reader). (84 mins)

  • Fear and Desire & Killer's Kiss

    • Thursday, September 4 7:00 PM

    Stanley Kubrick (US, 1953 & 1955). A classic double bill of Kubrick's first two films, one an existentialist exercise in war's futility, the other a tough-as-nails noir set in the underbelly of New York City. (129 mins)