The Films of Robert Beavers

2/3/04 to 2/8/04

  • The Ground, February 5. © Robert Beavers

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Past Films

  • Robert Beavers, Program III

    • Sunday, February 8 3:00 pm

    Masterful homages to the art and architecture of Italy.

  • Workshop with Robert Beavers

    • Friday, February 6 3:00 pm

    Free lecture and film screening for students.

  • Robert Beavers, Program II

    • Thursday, February 5 7:30 pm

    Three films shot in Greece "exalt the beauty of life through a classicist's sensibility."-Stephen Holden

  • Robert Beavers, Program I

    • Tuesday, February 3 7:30 pm

    A portrait of Gregory Markopoulos, a dialog between male lovers, and an exploration of love and separation. "Despite their restraint, [Beavers's films] have an immediate kinetic impact-they go right to your solar plexus and change the rate of your breathing-but they also engage your mind with their subtle deployment of metaphor."-Village Voice