Games People Play II

3/2/05 to 4/20/05

  • eXistenZ|April 20

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Past Films

  • eXistenZ

    • Wednesday, April 20 7:30pm

    Jennifer Jason Leigh and Jude Law play dangerous games with a new system that jacks directly into their own biological wiring in David Cronenberg's typically oozy, shape-shifting saga.

  • Machinima: Dreams of the Game Engine

    • Wednesday, April 6 7:30pm

    Animators commandeer video game engines to create genre-tweaking dramas and free-form fantasies. Compiled by the Academy of Machinima Arts and Sciences, the program features works by Katherine Anna Kang, Ill Clan, Friedrich Kirschner, and others.

  • Death Race 2000

    • Wednesday, March 30 7:30pm

    David Carradine and Sly Stallone are contenders in a game that's part Indy 500, part psycho scavenger hunt. Directed by Paul Bartel and featuring Mary Woronov as Calamity Jane, this will give you something to think about on the drive home.

  • Parallel Universum, Part II

    • Wednesday, March 9 7:30pm

    Joe McKay in Person. Video art parallels the development of video games in works by Torsten Burns & Darrin Martin, Angelique Clark, Nicole & Norbert Corsino, Van McElwee, Eddo Stern, and Fred Szymanski.

  • Tron

    • Wednesday, March 2 7:30pm

    Jeff Bridges must run a deadly game grid while trapped inside a computer's evil OS. Boasting the best CGI 1982 had to offer, this is a real trip down random access memory lane.