Girls Will Be Boys

9/21/07 to 9/30/07

The cross-dressed actress captivated audiences throughout the first decades of the twentieth century. Featuring a wealth of archival prints, this series celebrates the rampant gender and sexual play of the silent and pre-Code eras, when stars like Asta Nielsen, Katharine Hepburn, and Greta Garbo wore the pants.

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  • Queen Christina, September 28

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Past Films

  • Morocco

    • Sunday, September 30 5:00 PM

    Introduced by Laura Horak. Marlene Dietrich is insouciant in top hat and tuxedo exchanging innuendos with Gary Cooper in von Sternberg's masterpiece of artifice. With short Behind the Screen.

  • Shanghai'et!

    • Sunday, September 30 3:00 PM

    Introduced by Laura Horak. Judith Rosenberg on Piano. A woman must rescue her shanghaied fiancé in a gender-reversed Danish version of the "white slave" narrative.

  • Panel and Discussion

    • Saturday, September 29 1:00 pm

    Featuring: Patricia White (Swarthmore), Clare Sears (SFSU), and Laura Horak (UC Berkeley). Nestrick Room, 142 Dwinelle Hall. Free; no tickets needed.

  • Little Lord Fauntleroy

    • Saturday, September 29 3:00 PM

    Introduced by Laura Horak. Judith Rosenberg on Piano. Mary Pickford plays both a plucky young boy and his mother in a sprightly silent that still charms viewers of all ages.

  • Little Old New York

    • Friday, September 28 6:30 PM

    Introduced by Nan Boyd. Bruce Loeb on Piano. Marion Davies is an Irish lass playing laddie for an inheritance in 19th-century New York.

  • Queen Christina

    • Friday, September 28 9:00 PM

    Introduced by Patricia White. Greta Garbo as a powerful, cross-dressing, girl-kissing woman-not much of a stretch. With short Rowdy Ann.

  • A Florida Enchantment

    • Sunday, September 23 3:00 PM

    Introduced by Chris Straayer. Judith Rosenberg on Piano. Swallowing an African seed turns a young woman into a surprising Casanova. With shorts.

  • Sylvia Scarlett

    • Sunday, September 23 5:00 PM

    Introduced by Jenni Olson. Katharine Hepburn as "Sylvester" catches Cary Grant's eye with her coltish charms in George Cukor's comedy.

  • Hamlet

    • Friday, September 21 6:30 PM

    Introduced by Jennifer Bean. Bruce Loeb on Piano. Asta Nielsen is a marvel of expressive restraint as a girl raised to be a prince in this 1920 film drawing on pre-Shakespearean sources. With short Le duel d'Hamlet.

  • Viktor und Viktoria

    • Friday, September 21 9:00 PM

    Introduced by Sanjay Hukku. A woman pretends to be a man pretending to be a woman in this nimble German operetta. With short Know Thy Wife.