GLAS Animation Festival at BAMPFA

March 23–24, 2019

Two programs from the GLAS Animation Festival showcase short works by Dennis Tupicoff and Jim Trainor, with the artists in person.

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  • Dennis Tupicoff: Still Alive

  • Jim Trainor: The Moschops

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Upcoming Films

  • Short Animation by Dennis Tupicoff

    • Saturday, March 23 3 PM
    Dennis Tupicoff in Person

    A selection of works by Dennis Tupicoff, one of the most accomplished Australian independent animators working today, whose unique style mixes hand-drawn animation with live-action elements.

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  • Short Animation by Jim Trainor

    • Sunday, March 24 5 PM
    Jim Trainor in Person

    Chicago-based Jim Trainor makes deceptively simple films that inhabit the heads of creatures and characters as they go about their lives, uncovering basic yet profound truths. He presents a selection of his short animations.

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