Heinz Emigholz: Architecture as Autobiography

4/1/08 to 4/17/08

Emigholz's revelatory documentaries contemplate the construction of space in the work of architects like Louis Sullivan, Adolf Loos, and Rudolph Schindler.

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  • Loos Ornamental, April 17

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Past Films

  • Loos Ornamental

    • Thursday, April 17 8:30 pm

    Heinz Emigholz in Person. A new film meticulously reveals the architecture of Austrian modernist Adolf Loos.

  • Sullivan's Banks

    • Thursday, April 17 7:00 pm

    Heinz Emigholz in Person. Emigholz presents the buildings of the great American architect Louis Sullivan. With short Maillart's Bridges.

  • Schindler's Houses

    • Tuesday, April 15 7:30 pm

    Heinz Emigholz in Person. Emigholz depicts forty buildings by architect Rudolph Schindler, revealing Schindler's singular vision, his acute attention to spatial relations and to the natural environment, and his captivating and idiosyncratic architectural vocabulary.

  • Goff in the Desert

    • Tuesday, April 1 7:30 pm

    Emigholz looks at the work of Kansas-born architect Bruce Goff, who used brick, wood, glass, and stone to create surprising patterns and take buildings in radical directions. Observe for yourself how Goff, and Emigholz, design and experience space.