Heroic Grace: The Chinese Martial Arts Film, Part II

3/24/06 to 3/25/06

  • Dirty Ho, March 25|© Licensed by Celestial Pictures Ltd. All rights reserved.

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Past Films

  • The Boxer from Shantung

    • Saturday, March 25 19:00

    A hick muscles his way through 1930s Shanghai in this widely imitated classic (Kung Fu Hustle borrowed its "axe gang").

  • Dirty Ho

    • Saturday, March 25 21:30

    Martial arts grandmaster Lau Kar-leung directs this tale of a prodigal prince targeted for assassination by his own brother.

  • Clans of Intrigue

    • Friday, March 24 19:00

    Chu Yuan's gripping, baroque martial arts whodunit is filled with Buddhist monks, lesbian swordfighters, and risqué sexual flourishes.

  • King Boxer

    • Friday, March 24 21:00

    An "Iron Fist" disciple battles Japanese villains in this gritty revenge tale, the first kung-fu film to be a hit in the West (under the title Five Fingers of Death).