July 14–August 28, 2016

Films by two iconic directors who changed the way we look at cinema. Inspired by the recent doc Hitchcock/Truffaut, which screens twice in this series.

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  • Hitchcock/Truffaut

  • Psycho

  • Jules and Jim

  • North by Northwest

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Past Films

  • Rear Window

    • Thursday, August 4 7 PM
    • Sunday, August 28 7:30 PM
    Alfred Hitchcock
    United States, 1954

    Introduced by Marilyn Fabe (August 4 screening only)
    Dour photojournalist Jimmy Stewart sits with a broken leg by his window observing his neighbors' lives, in Hitchcock’s brilliant meditation on cinema and voyeurism.  

  • The Lodger

    • Saturday, August 27 4 PM
    Alfred Hitchcock
    United Kingdom, 1927

    Digital Restoration

    Live Music / Judith Rosenberg on piano
    Hitchcock’s first foray into the thriller genre, starring Ivor Novello as the eponymous lodger who just may be a serial killer. The director himself called it “the first true Hitchcock movie.”

  • Vertigo

    • Sunday, July 24 7:15 PM
    • Thursday, August 25 7 PM
    Alfred Hitchcock
    United States, 1958

    Detective Jimmy Stewart combs the Bay Area looking for the secret behind Kim Novak’s beauty in Hitchcock’s sinister ode to voyeurism, death, and amorous fixation. Voted best film of all time in a 2012 Sight and Sound poll.

  • North by Northwest

    • Saturday, August 13 8 PM
    • Saturday, August 20 3 PM
    Alfred Hitchcock
    United States, 1959

    Recommended for ages 10 & up

    Hitchcock dubbed this exhilarating thriller “my final word on the chase film.” Cary Grant plays the fast talking adman who is mistaken for an assassin by the police and for a double agent by an international spy ring.


  • The Wrong Man

    • Friday, August 12 6:30 PM
    Alfred Hitchcock
    United States, 1957

    Hitchcock combines film noir and documentary to spin off the frightening possibilities when an innocent man, New York jazz player Manny (Henry Fonda), is named as the guilty party in a holdup.


  • The 400 Blows

    • Friday, August 12 8:40 PM
    François Truffaut
    France, 1959

    Imported Print

    A fifteen-year-old Jean-Pierre Léaud makes his debut as François Truffaut’s alter ego Antoine Doinel in this quintessential coming-of-age film, a lyrical but unsentimental portrait of adolescence and of Paris.


  • Hitchcock/Truffaut

    • Thursday, July 14 7 PM
    • Saturday, August 6 6 PM
    Kent Jones
    United States, 2015

    With commentary from Martin Scorsese, Olivier Assayas, David Fincher, Wes Anderson, and others, Hitchcock/Truffaut provides an engaging look at one of the most beloved film books—and two of the most beloved directors—of all time.

  • Psycho

    • Saturday, August 6 8 PM
    Alfred Hitchcock
    United States, 1960

    Janet Leigh and Anthony Perkins star in Hitchcock’s legendary, groundbreaking thriller. One of the most influential horror films ever made.

  • The Bride Wore Black

    • Sunday, July 31 7:30 PM
    François Truffaut
    France, 1968

    In Truffaut’s Hitchockian thriller, Jeanne Moreau is a bride widowed on her wedding day who takes vengeance on those responsible for her groom’s death.

  • Shoot the Piano Player

    • Friday, July 29 8:30 PM
    François Truffaut
    France, 1960

    Truffaut’s homage to the American gangster film stars Charles Aznavour as a dejected barroom tinkler with a tragic past.


  • Notorious

    • Saturday, July 23 8:15 PM
    Alfred Hitchcock
    United States, 1946

    Introduced by Marilyn Fabe.
    Trying to infiltrate a group of Nazis in Latin America, Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman find themselves entangled in a cruel love affair in Hitchcock's polished, perverse thriller. 

  • Jules and Jim

    • Friday, July 22 8:15 PM
    François Truffaut
    France, 1962

    Imported Print

    Truffaut's portrayal of an early twentieth-century love triangle with Jeanne Moreau at its apex is "full of wit and radiance" (Pauline Kael). 

  • Day for Night

    • Saturday, July 16 6 PM
    François Truffaut
    France, 1973

    Imported Print

    Introduced by Laura Truffaut
    Jean-Pierre Léaud, Jacqueline Bisset, and François Truffaut himself join an ensemble cast for a behind-the-scenes romantic comedy in which the love interest is cinema itself. “Truffaut’s droll and generous celebration of filmmaking remains an enchanting experience” (
    NY Times).

  • The Lady Vanishes

    • Saturday, July 16 8:45 PM
    Alfred Hitchcock
    United Kingdom, 1938

    An elderly lady mysteriously vanishes on a transcontinental train, to the concern of one young woman—and hardly anyone else. “Directed with such skill and velocity that it has come to represent the quintessence of screen suspense” (Pauline Kael).