The Human Condition


A marathon screening of Masaki Kobayashi's scathing World War II epic. “Kobayashi's monumental film can clarify and enrich your understanding of what it is to be alive.”-N.Y. Times

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Past Films

  • No Greater Love

    • Sunday, February 15 12 pm

    Part I finds Kaji working as a supervisor in a forced labor camp in southern Manchuria, where he and his wife attempt to better the lot of the enslaved Chinese workers. Kaji is accused of dissent, tortured, then inducted into the army.

  • The Road to Eternity

    • Sunday, February 15 4:00 pm

    In Part II, soldier Kaji is appalled by the treatment afforded recruits. Given the rank of officer, he tries to install more humane procedures but only succeeds in attracting the ire of his fellow officers.

  • A Soldier's Prayer

    • Sunday, February 15 8:00 pm

    By Part III, the Japanese army is being routed by superior Russian troops. Kaji is captured by the Soviets and imprisoned, learning the bitter truth about the Red Army as liberators.