Human Rights Watch International Film Festival 2006

2/19/06 to 2/26/06

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Past Films

  • Living Rights

    • Sunday, February 26 15:30

    Introduced by Rachel Shigekane. Duco Tellegen's emotionally rich, visually striking documentary sensitively portrays three young people on three continents with nothing in common but a struggle to survive.

  • Videoletters, Program 2

    • Sunday, February 26 17:30

    Introduced by Eric Stover. For description, please see Friday, February 24.

  • Winter Soldier

    • Saturday, February 25 17:00

    This 1972 record of testimony about American war crimes "may be the most important account we have of America's tragic encounter with Vietnam. . . . Deeply upsetting and long unavailable, this remains essential viewing."-Chicago Reader

  • Occupation: Dreamland

    • Saturday, February 25 19:00

    Garrett Scott and Ian Olds spent several months with U.S. soldiers in Fallujah in 2004; their footage is "timeless and tragic."-S.F. Chronicle

  • State of Fear

    • Saturday, February 25 20:40

    Building on the findings of the Peruvian Truth Commission, this film turns an investigation of the notorious Shining Path into a cautionary tale about the global "war on terror."

  • Videoletters, Program 1

    • Friday, February 24 19:00

    Eric van den Broek and Katarina Rejger's extraordinary project allows people in the republics of the former Yugoslavia, separated by the bloody conflict, to send video messages to one another. "Rare is the case where filmmakers actually set out to do good and can claim to have achieved it. Van den Broek and Rejger are two such directors."-N.Y. Times. Three letters are presented tonight; three more screen on Sunday, February 26.

  • Justice

    • Friday, February 24 20:35

    Introduced by Nancy Scheper-Hughes. The corridors of power are illuminated in Maria Ramos's fly-on-the-wall portrait of the judged and the judging in a Brazilian criminal court. "Ramos uses her unobtrusive camera to uncover the frustrations inherent in a vastly imbalanced society."-Variety

  • Mardi Gras: Made in China

    • Thursday, February 23 19:30

    Introduced by Orville Schell. David Redmon's exposé of the links between Third World labor and First World leisure follows the "bead trail" from a Chinese factory to Bourbon Street during Mardi Gras. "Redmon's sly, engrossing documentary is an expert riposte to smug proponents of globalization. Thomas Friedman and your fellow flat-earthers! Watch this movie!"-Village Voice

  • The Troubles We've Seen: A History of Journalism in Wartime

    • Sunday, February 19 15:00

    Introduced by Mark Danner. In 1993, Marcel Ophuls (The Sorrow and the Pity) went to Sarajevo to record journalists at work in a city under siege; the result was this acclaimed four-hour documentary, unreleased in the U.S. until last year. "Working on his usual vast canvas, Ophuls constructs another brave, enveloping inquiry into a compelling subject, reveling in the investigative process as he presents it imaginatively on screen."-N.Y. Times