Jacques Rivette: Rehearsals and Reversals

11/2/06 to 12/16/06

  • Va savoir, December 14

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Past Films

  • Up/Down/Fragile

    • Saturday, December 16 17:00

    Inspired by MGM quickies, Rivette made a musical comedy on his backlot-the everyday haunts of Paris. This offbeat and energetic film thrives on a sense of chance as three women pursue their personal mysteries during one hot, lazy month.

  • Va savoir

    • Thursday, December 14 19:00

    Rivette's elegant comedy of a visiting theater troupe's adventures during a Parisian summer is "all sinuous, cool-to-the touch technique, from its director and the cast. . . . A luminous, humid roundelay as three men and three women tumble in and out of one another's minds, hearts, and arms."-N.Y. Times

  • Joan the Maiden, Part 1: The Battles

    • Sunday, December 10 13:00

    Sandrine Bonnaire as Joan of Arc. "Perhaps the only movie that offers a plausible portrait of what the 15th-century teenager who led the French into battle was actually like."-Chicago Reader

  • Joan the Maiden, Part 2: The Prisons

    • Sunday, December 10 16:30

  • The Story of Marie and Julien

    • Friday, December 8 20:25

    Jerzy Radziwilowicz and Emmanuelle Béart star in this mystery (as in Lang)/horror (as in Poe) story that is also "one of the most measured, understanding, mature adult romances in recent movies."-Variety

  • Divertimento

    • Sunday, December 3 16:00

    In this variation on the themes of La belle noiseuse (see December 2), Rivette used outtakes to create an entirely different film.

  • La belle noiseuse

    • Saturday, December 2 19:00

    Rivette's first commercial success (at four hours!) and winner of the grand prize at Cannes is based on a Balzac story. Michel Piccoli is an aging artist and Emmanuelle Béart his young model whose posing begins in wary hostility, escalates to a battle of wills, and finally becomes an emotional collaboration.

  • Paris Belongs to Us

    • Saturday, November 25 19:30

    One of the seminal films of the French New Wave, with cameos by Godard and others, this is a Langian thriller updated to 1960 in a brilliantly realized Paris. "A masterpiece of Left Bank paranoia."-Village Voice. With short Fool's Mate.

  • Wuthering Heights

    • Saturday, November 11 18:30

    Rivette shifts the action of Emily Brontë's dark 19th-century novel to the wild landscape of the Cévennes in the early '30s for his "beautiful cinematic transposition of the accursed book."-Senses of Cinema

  • Love on the Ground

    • Saturday, November 11 21:00

    Geraldine Chaplin and Jane Birkin make a lively team as actresses (named Charlotte and Emily, after the Brontë sisters) drawn into a "play" with no final act. Here, "enchantment is discovered not from fairytale, but within life itself."-Time Out

  • Céline and Julie Go Boating

    • Saturday, November 4 19:00

    In Rivette's most beloved film, which David Thomson called "the most important film since Citizen Kane," a librarian and a magician go down the Montmartre version of Lewis Carroll's rabbit hole. "The endless, enveloping dream experience movies have promised us since their beginnings."-Village Voice

  • Jean Renoir, the Boss: The Direction of Actors (Free Screening!)

    • Thursday, November 2 17:30

    Free First Thursday Screening! Rivette's illuminating interview with the master director "should be shown in every film school in the country."-Village Voice

  • Jacques Rivette, The Night Watchman

    • Thursday, November 2 19:30

    The great French film critic Serge Daney accompanies Rivette around Paris in a film by Claire Denis.