Jean-Luc Godard: Movie Love in the Sixties

9/5/08 to 10/17/08

In the sixties, Jean-Luc Godard broadened the notion of screen romance to embrace a wide entrancing world: this was movie love. Godard celebrates and deconstructs his various inspirations-Anna Karina, Paris, cinema itself-in eight films, including several new prints.

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  • A Woman Is a Woman, October 2, 5

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Past Films

  • Alphaville

    • Friday, October 17 6:30 PM

    “Godard's conceptual masterpiece is a hardboiled, Pop Art, sci-fi gloss on Cocteau's Orpheus and Orwell's 1984.”-Village Voice

  • A Woman Is a Woman

    • Sunday, October 5 5:15 PM

    See October 2.

  • A Woman Is a Woman

    • Thursday, October 2 6:30 PM

    “A whimsical celebration of romance, sentiment, musical comedy, color film, the city of Paris and the abundant charms of Anna Karina.”-N.Y. Times. Repeated on October 5.

  • Masculine Feminine

    • Thursday, October 2 8:15 PM

    Jean-Pierre Léaud is one of “the children of Marx and Coca-Cola”-the young people of Paris circa 1965.

  • Two or Three Things I Know About Her

    • Saturday, September 27 8:45 PM

    An incisive view of prostitution and Paris, with breathtaking color photography by Raoul Coutard. “Perhaps Godard's greatest feature.”-Susan Sontag

  • Breathless

    • Thursday, September 18 6:30 PM

    Jean Seberg and Jean-Paul Belmondo in the jazzy genre pastiche that launched Godard's career and embodied the breathless bravado of the New Wave.

  • Vivre sa vie

    • Sunday, September 14 7:45 PM

    See September 13.

  • Vivre sa vie

    • Saturday, September 13 6:30 PM

    Godard's fragmentary portrait of a prostitute makes Anna Karina an object of endless visual fascination. “A film of extraordinary purity.”-Manny Farber. Repeated on September 14.

  • Contempt

    • Thursday, September 11 8:30 PM

    See September 5.

  • Band of Outsiders

    • Saturday, September 6 8:30 PM

    See September 5.

  • Band of Outsiders

    • Friday, September 5 6:30 PM

    Anna Karina, Sami Frey, and Claude Brasseur are unlikely burglars in Godard's “reverie of a gangster movie.”-Pauline Kael. Repeated on September 6.

  • Contempt

    • Friday, September 5 8:30 PM

    Godard's Homeric homage to Fritz Lang, “one of the defining moments of modernist filmmaking.”-Film Comment. With Brigitte Bardot, Michel Piccoli, Jack Palance. Repeated on September 11.