Labor's Love Lost: The Films of Vittorio De Seta

7/6/06 to 7/9/06

  • Bandits of Orgosolo, July 7

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Past Films

  • Diary of a Schoolmaster

    • Sunday, July 9 15:00

    De Seta intermingles reality and fiction in portraying the struggles of a young teacher, played by an actor, in a real classroom. With short The Swordfish Season.

  • Bandits of Orgosolo

    • Friday, July 7 19:00

    In the remote Sardinian countryside, a simple shepherd, wrongly associated with bandits, must flee across the forbidding mountains. The film has the stark authenticity of neorealism, lyrically heightened by De Seta's austere photography.

  • Half a Man

    • Friday, July 7 21:00

    A refined young writer in the grip of madness returns to his boyhood home to discover the reasons for his decline in this beautifully shot and performed "story of a neurosis as told from the inside."-Alberto Moravia

  • Six Shorts by Vittorio De Seta

    • Thursday, July 6 19:30

    De Seta's vivid documentary glimpses of postwar Sicily capture "the vitality of an unspoiled culture."-Martin Scorsese. With Détour De Seta, a portrait of the director.