Madcat Presents

9/20/05 to 10/13/05

  • How to Fix the World, October 13

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Past Films

  • Documation: History, Redrawn

    • Thursday, October 13 19:30

    Using computer-generated imagery, subtle shading, or sculpted clay, women animators invite viewers to reinterpret personal and political histories, from slavery to contemporary corporate corruption.

  • Documation: Drawn and Reported

    • Thursday, October 6 19:30

    Reminiscence and reportage in inventive animated docs.

  • The Time We Killed

    • Tuesday, September 27 19:30

    Jennifer Todd Reeves in Person. Veteran avant-garde filmmaker Reeves's first feature-length fiction film is a portrait of a writer, increasingly isolated in New York. "A black-and-white journey into a beautifully restless mind."-Variety. Prize winner at Berlin and Tribeca Film Festivals.

  • The Phantom of the Operator

    • Tuesday, September 20 19:30

    Caroline Martel in Person. "The Phantom of the Operator is an enormously creative docu by Caroline Martel-a found object of sorts that begins as a historical overview of female telephone operators, but gradually evolves into a wryly observed portrait of human society in the technocratic age."-Variety