Marcel Pagnol's Provence

11/25/05 to 12/18/05

  • César, December 18

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Past Films

  • Fanny

    • Sunday, December 18 15:00

    Please see December 17.

  • César

    • Sunday, December 18 17:30

    The conclusion of the trilogy poignantly evokes remembrances and regrets as the cycle of life and love begins again. "Today the modest charms and graces of the Pagnol trilogy seem more precious than ever."-Time Out

  • Marius

    • Saturday, December 17 18:00

    The first installment in the beloved "Fanny Trilogy" introduces César, boisterous proprietor of a Marseilles bar; his son Marius, drawn by the call of the sea; and Fanny the fishmonger, the apex of a triangle between Marius and widower Panisse. "These films display such old-fashioned virtues as truth to life and boundless humanity."-Time Out

  • Fanny

    • Saturday, December 17 20:20

    The continuation of the trilogy is Fanny's tragedy but César's story: he is played by the incomparable Raimu. Repeated on December 18.

  • Letters from My Windmill

    • Thursday, December 15 19:30

    Priests, booze, bread, and the Devil all figure in Pagnol's charming adaptation of three stories by 19th-century Provençal author Alphonse Daudet. "Spiced with sharp earthy humor . . . a rare cinema treat."-NY Times

  • The Well-Digger's Daughter

    • Thursday, December 8 19:30

    Raimu, Fernandel, and Josette Day in an earthy, compassionate comedy of unwed pregnancy, the first film begun in France under the Nazi Occupation.

  • Topaze (Free Screening!)

    • Thursday, December 1 17:30

    This delightfully cynical satire chronicles a man's transformation from timid teacher to crooked businessman.

  • Angèle

    • Sunday, November 27 14:00

    The poetry is in the details of this tender Provençal portrait. "Pagnol's finest film."-Georges Sadoul

  • Harvest

    • Friday, November 25 19:00

    Fanny's Orane Demazis is paired with Fernandel in Pagnol's haunting tribute to the harsh and giving land, "one of the true and essential French film classics."-Pauline Kael

  • The Baker's Wife

    • Friday, November 25 21:25

    The great tragicomedian Raimu stars in this warm comedy. Orson Welles once called The Baker's Wife "a perfect movie," and Raimu "the greatest actor of the cinema."