Margaret Tait: Subjects and Sequences

9/6/05 to 9/13/05

  • Where I Am Is Here, September 6

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Past Films

  • Islands

    • Tuesday, September 13 19:30

    With a rare sense of inner rhythm and pattern, Tait found transcendental qualities in commonplace subjects. On this program are film poems featuring people and the places they live in, an evocation of childhood, and Tait's last film, made in 1998.

  • Film Poems

    • Tuesday, September 6 19:30

    Scottish artist Margaret Tait said her films were "born of sheer wonder and astonishment [at] how much can be seen in any place that you choose . . . if you really look." In the works on this program, made between 1951 and 1974, Tait looks closely at people and everyday experiences, exploring film as a medium for portraiture and poetry.