Merce Cunningham: Dance on Film

11/9/08 to 11/13/08

Presented in association with Cal Performances, PFA's tribute to Cunningham features illuminating behind-the-scenes documentaries and “filmdances,” works choreographed specifically for the screen.

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  • Beach Birds for Camera, November 9. Photo: Lawrence Ivy

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Past Films


    • Thursday, November 13 7:30 PM

    Introduced by David Vaughan. Elliot Caplan's vivid documentary traces Cunningham's process as he uses software to choreograph the dance piece CRWDSPCR. With Charles Atlas short Locale.

  • Cage/Cunningham

    • Sunday, November 9 5:30 PM

    Introduced by David Vaughan. Elliot Caplan weaves a graceful tribute to John Cage and Merce Cunningham's 50-year partnership in the vanguard of 20th-century art. With short Beach Birds for Camera.