Metaphysical Medium: The Video Works of Bill Viola

9/16/09 to 9/30/09

For over three decades, celebrated artist Bill Viola has been exploring the apparatus of vision as a means of metaphysical revelation. We present three evenings of probing perceptual investigations, with Viola in person on September 30.

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  • The Passing, September 30|Photo: Kira Perov

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Past Films

  • The Passing and Déserts

    • Wednesday, September 30 7:00 pm

    Bill Viola (U.S., 1991–94). Bill Viola in person. Viola gives form to a composition by Edgard Varèse and links the mundane to the miraculous in an evocation of mortality. (81 mins)

  • Hatsu Yume and Other Works

    • Wednesday, September 23 7:00 pm

    Bill Viola (U.S., 1977–81). Liquid light flows through this group of video works centered on Hatsu Yume, a vivid, almost hallucinatory look at Japanese culture. (75 mins)

  • Chott el-Djerid and Other Works

    • Wednesday, September 16 7 pm

    Bill Viola (U.S., 1976–79). Early works by Viola investigating the structure of time and the nature of light, including Chott el-Djerid, a study in perceptual uncertainty that voyages from the Tunisian desert to frigid Saskatchewan. (68 mins)