Moumen Smihi: Poet of Tangier

10/10/13 to 10/27/13

We are delighted to host Moumen Smihi, one of the key figures of Moroccan and North African cinema, who presents his remarkable films and discusses his work with critic/scholar Peter Limbrick. Smihi's films mirror the cultural and intellectual potpourri of Tangier, the atmospheric port city of Morocco, hub between Europe and Africa, Christianity and Islam.

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Past Films

  • The Sorrows of a Young Tangerian

    • Sunday, October 27 7:30 pm

    Moumen Smihi (Morocco, 2012). (Tanjaoui: Peines de coeur et tourments du jeune Tanjaoui Larbi Salmi). Moumen Smihi in person. New Print! Set in the early 1960s, the third part of Smihi's Tangier trilogy finds Larbi Salmi navigating both young adulthood and the early years of Moroccan independence. (95 mins)

  • 44, or Tales of the Night

    • Thursday, October 24 7 pm

    Moumen Smihi (Morocco, 1981). (44 ou les récits de la nuit). Moumen Smihi and Peter Limbrick in Conversation. New print! Smihi's most epic work illuminates forty-four years of Moroccan history through a series of visually striking tableaux, inspired by 1001 Nights and Ulysses. (110 mins)

  • A Muslim Childhood

    • Sunday, October 20 3 pm

    Moumen Smihi (Morocco, 2005). (El Ayel: Le gosse de Tanger). Introduced by Moumen Smihi. The first installment of Smihi's trilogy about a young boy coming of age in 1950s Tangier. An elegy to the port city's polyglot cultural tapestry and elegant architecture. (83 mins)

  • Girls and Swallows

    • Sunday, October 20 5 pm

    Moumen Smihi (Morocco, 2008). (Les hirondelles: Les cris de jeunes filles des hirondelles). Moumen Smihi in person. New Print! In this second installment of Smihi's Tangier chronicles, Larbi Salmi hovers between childhood and manhood, soaking in the city's unique blend of American, European, and Arabic cultural and intellectual influences. (80 mins)

  • Moroccan Chronicles

    • Thursday, October 17 7 pm

    Moumen Smihi (Morocco, 1999). (Chroniques Marocaines). Moumen Smihi in person. Smihi pays tribute to the art of storytelling-and the grace of life-in this collection of four tales, four cities, and multiple realities. (70 mins)

  • The East Wind

    • Thursday, October 10 7 pm

    Moumen Smihi (Morocco, 1975). (El Chergui). Moumen Smihi in person. Life in the medina on the cusp of Moroccan independence, amid the contradictions of colonialism, religion, patriarchy, and resistance. Smihi's debut feature, one of Moroccan and Arab cinema's most groundbreaking films. (80 mins)