Movie Matinees for All Ages, November/December 2007

11/17/07 to 12/1/07

Our Saturday series is a great way to introduce youngsters to the joys of the big screen-and to rediscover them yourself. This season we spotlight three Chaplin classics.

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  • Modern Times, November 17

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Past Films

  • The Gold Rush

    • Saturday, December 1 3:00 PM

    The film by which Chaplin wished to be remembered contains some of his most treasured comic nuggets, along with commentary on financial folly. Repeated on Tuesday, December 18.

  • The Circus

    • Saturday, November 24 3:00 PM

    The Tramp becomes an accidental clown in this little-known but irresistibly funny film. Repeated on Saturday, December 8.

  • Modern Times

    • Saturday, November 17 3:00 PM

    Chaplin's politically outspoken film also contains some of his funniest scenes, in which Charlie causes complete chaos simply by being human. Repeated on Wednesday, December 19.