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Treat the family to a Saturday afternoon at the movies.

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  • Howl's Moving Castle

  • Gold Rush

  • Spirited Away

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Upcoming Films

  • Howl’s Moving Castle

    Hayao Miyazaki
    Japan, 2004

    Digital Restoration
    Recommended for ages 9 & up

    • Saturday, November 24 1:30 PM

    Based on the novel by Diana Wynne Jones, this spectacular anime blends European fairy tale with director Hayao Miyazaki’s distinctive sensibility.

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  • Film still: Puppet of a female figure appearing to prepare to throw a javelin.

    A Midsummer Night’s Dream

    Jiří Trnka
    Czechoslovakia, 1959

    35mm Archival Print
    Recommended for ages 12 & up

    • Sunday, December 9 2 PM
    Introduction by Jan Pinkava

    This bewitching stop-motion adaptation of Shakespeare’s romantic tale is a masterpiece of surpassing, balletic beauty that plays out amidst a garlanded, pastel dreamscape. With short The Devil’s Mill.

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  • The Emperor’s Nightingale

    Jiří Trnka
    Czechoslovakia, 1948

    35mm Archival Print
    Recommended for ages 6 & up

    • Saturday, December 15 3:30 PM

    Trnka’s adaptation of a Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale about a young Chinese emperor enraptured by the song of a mechanical nightingale is awash in lavish storybook imagery. With short Why UNESCO?

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  • The Gold Rush

    Charlie Chaplin
    United States, 1925, reedited 1942

    Recommended for ages 8 & up

    • Friday, December 28 2:30 PM
    • Saturday, January 19 3:30 PM

    A hapless prospector tries his luck in the frozen north in a film that glitters with some of Charlie Chaplin’s most memorable nuggets of comedy.

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  • Spirited Away

    Hayao Miyazaki
    Japan, 2001

    English-language version
    Recommended for ages 8 & up

    • Saturday, December 29 3 PM

    In this Oscar-winning animated fantasy, a ten-year-old girl and her parents stumble upon an abandoned theme park that turns out to be a true magic kingdom.

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Past Films

  • Winged Migration

    • Saturday, October 6 3:30 PM
    Jacques Perrin, Jacques Cluzaud, Michel Debats
    France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, 2001

    BAMPFA Student Committee Pick
    Recommended for ages 7 & up


    Accompanying flocks of migratory birds, this documentary “provides such an intense vicarious experience of being a flapping airborne creature . . . that you leave the theater feeling like an honorary member of another species” (New York Times).

  • A Hard Day’s Night

    • Saturday, September 29 3:30 PM
    Richard Lester
    United Kingdom, 1964

    Digital Restoration


    Following the adventures of John, Paul, George, and Ringo, A Hard Day’s Night perfectly captures the spirit of the times—and, of course, the music is fantastic.

  • The Breadwinner

    • Saturday, August 25 3:30 PM
    Nora Twomey
    Canada, Ireland, Luxembourg, 2017

    Recommended for ages 11 & up

    This beautifully animated feature-length drama is set in Afghanistan, circa 2001, where an eleven-year-old girl is forced to pretend she is a boy after her father is wrongfully imprisoned by the Taliban.

  • The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill

    • Saturday, July 21 4 PM
    Judy Irving
    United States, 2005

    BAMPFA Collection Print
    Recommended for ages 8 & up

    Irving’s very San Franciscan story of a once-homeless man and the birds he befriended “seduces you with its easy rhythm and unexpected dramatic potency . . . beguiling, moving, and just plain fun” (Baltimore Sun).

    Judy Irving and Mark Bittner in Person

  • The Magic Flute

    • Saturday, June 16 4:30 PM
    Ingmar Bergman
    Sweden, 1975

    This witty, loving adaptation of Mozart’s exuberant opera revels in its own theatricality, revealing the joy and wonder in Bergman’s metaphysics. “A blissful present, sensuous, luxuriant” (New Yorker).

  • The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T.

    The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T.

    • Saturday, April 21 4 PM
    Roy Rowland
    United States, 1953

    Recommended for ages 7 & up

    Scolded for not practicing the piano, a nine-year-old boy daydreams himself into a fantastic world where the piano reigns supreme in this funny, clever musical written by Dr. Seuss.

  • Films by Sally Cruikshank

    • Saturday, March 24 3 PM

    BAMPFA Collection Prints
    Recommended for ages 7 & up

    Cruikshank’s love of surreal 1930s cartoons is evident in her wildly colorful and wonderfully detailed films, some of which were made for Sesame Street.

  • Microcosmos

    • Saturday, February 17 3:30 PM
    Claude Nuridsany, Marie Pérennou
    France, Italy, Switzerland, 1996

    Recommended for ages 7 & up

    Marvel at a world barely visible to our eyes in this astounding documentary on the insect kingdom, filmed with specially designed micro cameras and close-up lenses.

  • The Wizard of Oz

    • Saturday, January 20 3:30 PM
    Victor Fleming
    United States, 1939

    Recommended for ages 5 & up

    What better activity for a Saturday afternoon in winter than a trip down the Yellow Brick Road together with Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the Cowardly Lion, and the Tin Woodsman?