New Time: The Future Is Feminist

October 24, 2021–January 29, 2022

Conceived in dialog with BAMPFA’s major exhibition New Time, The Future Is Feminist brings together a diverse range of works made since 2000 by women filmmakers representing an array of feminist voices and aesthetics, variously observational, confrontational, collaborative, analytical, or poetic.

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  • Girls / Museum

  • Terra Femme

  • Delphine and Carole

  • The Private Life of Fenfen

  • Chaos

  • Some Mistakes I Have Made

  • Nervous Translation

  • Spit on the Broom

  • Prism

  • Knives and Skin

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  • Past
  • Past

Past Films

  • Knives and Skin

    • Saturday, January 29 7 PM
    Jennifer Reeder
    United States, 2019

    Riffing on genre conventions but from a feminist point of view, Knives and Skin is “a mesmerizing tapestry—mundane middle Americana meets magical realism” (Jen Yamato, Los Angeles Times).

  • Prism

    • Wednesday, January 26 7 PM
    Rosine Mbakam, Eléonore Yameogo, An van. Dienderen
    Belgium, 2021

    A prismatic inquiry into how skin color is seen on screen, this provocative essay film asks whether technology consciously or unconsciously orients itself to depicting white skin as the norm.

  • Utopian Visions

    • Thursday, January 20 7 PM

    This program features six experimental films that suggest a communal vision for the future arising out of actions in the present by Marwa Arsanios, Emily Chao, Madeleine Hunt Ehrlich, Adele Horne, and Cauleen Smith.

    Introduced by Emily Chao

  • Nervous Translation

    • Saturday, December 4 7 PM
    Shireen Seno
    Philippines, 2017

    Set in Manila in the late 1980s, Nervous Translation depicts the delicate world of childhood via Yael, an intelligent, shy eight-year-old living alone with her mother while her father works abroad.

  • Persists, Resists, Exists

    • Wednesday, December 1 7 PM

    This program celebrates a range of materialist approaches to feminist filmmaking in the United States by Peggy Ahwesh, Nazli Dinçel, Jeanne C. Finely, Kelly Gallagher, Janis Crystal Lipzin, Jodie Mack, and Christina C. Nguyen.

    Jeanne C. Finley and Janis Crystal Lipzin in Person

  • Girls / Museum

    • Sunday, November 14 4 PM
    Shelly Silver
    Germany, 2020

    Young girls take us on a tour of an art museum, raising questions about the depictions of women while revealing their generation’s concerns. With Eve Fowler’s documentation of women working in their art studios, to a voiceover reading of Gertrude Stein. Plus Emily Chao’s short tribute to Gentileschi.

    Emily Chao in Person

  • Chaos

    • Friday, November 5 7 PM
    Sara Fattahi
    Austria, Syria, Lebanon, Qatar, 2018

    The intimately filmed documentary Chaos by Sarah Fattahi—“one of the most original documentarians working today”—looks at the impact of the Syrian war on three women and in so doing “it addresses the very subject of memory” (Richard Brody, The New Yorker).

  • The Private Life of Fenfen

    • Wednesday, November 3 7 PM
    Leslie Tai
    United States, China, 2013

    Blurring the boundaries between public and private and inner and outer states, this program illustrates the porous and precarious nature of identity and sanity in light of the challenges confronted by three women.

    Leslie Tai in Person

  • Delphine and Carole

    • Friday, October 29 7 PM
    Callisto McNulty
    France, 2019

    An essential contribution to feminist film history, Delphine and Carole chronicles the collaboration of documentary film and video maker Carole Roussopoulos and actor and activist Delphine Seyrig, who used early video technology to document the women’s movement.

  • Terra Femme

    • Sunday, October 24 4 PM
    Courtney Stephens
    United States, 2017–21

    Featuring amateur travel films shot by women from the 1920s through the 1940s, Terra Femme considers whether there is something distinctive about these women’s way of looking. It is accompanied by a live lecture and two shorts. 

    Courtney Stephens and Kathleen Quillian in Conversation