Olivier Assayas in Residence: <i>Cahiers du cinéma</i> Week

10/4/07 to 10/11/07

Like many a great French filmmaker before him, director Olivier Assayas began his career as a critic for the influential Cahiers du cinéma. We are pleased to present this eclectic series of films directed and selected by Assayas, including the local premiere of his latest, Boarding Gate. Assayas appears in person to discuss his work with Cahiers director Jean-Michel Frodon.

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  • Irma Vep, October 5

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Past Films

  • Les destinées

    • Thursday, October 11 7:30 PM

    Isabelle Huppert and Emmanuelle Béart star in this epic look at the fortunes of one French family from 1900 to 1930. "Quietly sumptuous . . . exhibits a flowing classicism and lightness."-New Yorker

  • Cold Water

    • Sunday, October 7 3:00 PM

    Olivier Assayas and Jean-Michel Frodon in Conversation. Leonard Cohen, Roxy Music, and Dylan power this tale of rebellious teenagers in post-'60s France. "A genuine poetic masterpiece."-Kent Jones

  • Monika

    • Sunday, October 7 5:30 PM

    Ingmar Bergman naturalistically captures the sensuality and anguish of a youthful summer love affair in this acclaimed early work.

  • demonlover

    • Saturday, October 6 6:30 PM

    Olivier Assayas and Jean-Michel Frodon in Conversation. Japanese anime, Internet porn, and multinational corporate espionage fuel Assayas's tech-noir for the new millennium.

  • Videodrome

    • Saturday, October 6 9:20 PM

    James Woods discovers a television feed of torture in Cronenberg's notorious treatise on technological unease.

  • Special Student Seminar (Admission Free)

    • Friday, October 5 2:30 PM

    Join Olivier Assayas and Jean-Michel Frodon for an exciting discussion of the creative endeavors of filmmaking and film criticism. This free event is designed for students, but open to the general public.

  • Irma Vep

    • Friday, October 5 6:30 PM

    Olivier Assayas and Jean-Michel Frodon in Conversation. Hong Kong icon Maggie Cheung plays herself as an actress suffering through ego battles and other disasters on a French indie film shoot.

  • Beware of a Holy Whore

    • Friday, October 5 9:00 PM

    Fassbinder's version of a film crew beset with personality clashes and other problems. With Eddie Constantine, Hanna Schygulla, Werner Schroeter, Lou Castel, and Fassbinder.

  • Boarding Gate

    • Thursday, October 4 7:30 PM

    Olivier Assayas and Jean-Michel Frodon in Conversation. Asia Argento, Michael Madsen, and Sonic Youth's Kim Gordon star in this sexed-up, globe-trotting crime noir, Assayas's tribute to European exploitation and Hong Kong gangster films.