One-Two Punch: Pulp Writers Dorothy B. Hughes, Mickey Spillane, Elmore Leonard

6/23/12 to 6/30/12

In this second round of One-Two Punch, several great pulp contenders duke it out for supremacy: Dorothy B. Hughes (In a Lonely Place, Fallen Sparrow), Mickey Spillane (My Gun is Quick, The Girl Hunters), and Elmore Leonard (Stick, Valdez is Coming). Get a seat ringside and prepare to be knocked out.

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Past Films

  • Stick

    • Saturday, June 30 6:30 pm

    Burt Reynolds (U.S., 1985). Elmore Leonard adapted his own novel to the screen for this Burt Reynolds vehicle about an ex-con looking for a new start-but instead finding scorpions, a kidnap plot, Santeria, and the beautiful Candice Bergen-in his hometown of Miami. (109 mins)

  • Valdez Is Coming

    • Saturday, June 30 8:40 pm

    Edwin Sherin (U.S., 1971). Burt Lancaster stars as a Mexican-American sheriff in a border town looking for justice and a hundred bucks in this tough adaptation of the Elmore Leonard novel. (90 mins)

  • My Gun Is Quick

    • Thursday, June 28 7 pm

    George A. White (U.S., 1957). Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer comes to life in this spicy, violent sewer crawl through a well-worn L.A. of strip joints, oil derricks, and cold-water walk-ups. (88 mins)

  • The Girl Hunters

    • Thursday, June 28 8:50 pm

    Roy Rowland (U.K., 1963). In this British rarity, Mickey Spillane stars as his own creation: hard-boiled private dick Mike Hammer, busy battling a commie spy ring who's abducted his trusted secretary, Velda. (103 mins)

  • In a Lonely Place

    • Saturday, June 23 6:30 pm

    Nicholas Ray (U.S., 1950). Humphrey Bogart and Gloria Grahame forge a fragile romance in Hollywood. Based on the novel by Dorothy B. Hughes. "Never were despair and solitude so romantically alluring" (Time Out). (94 mins)

  • Fallen Sparrow

    • Saturday, June 23 8:30 pm

    Richard Wallace (U.S., 1943). John Garfield is a Spanish Civil War veteran battling Nazi sympathizers-and his nascent post-traumatic stress disorder-in this tangled tale adapted from a Dorothy B. Hughes novel. Photographed by the great Nicholas Musuraca (Out of the Past). (91 mins)