One-Two Punch: Pulp Writers on Film

2/13/09 to 2/28/09

This series comes out swinging with double bills based on the work of four great pulp authors: Fredric Brown, Jim Thompson, Charles Willeford, and Cornell Woolrich.

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  • Phantom Lady, February 21

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Past Films

  • Screaming Mimi

    • Saturday, February 28 6:30 pm

    Anita Ekberg goes from the madhouse to El Madhouse, a nightclub run by Gypsy Rose Lee, in this lusciously lurid psychodrama based on a novel by Fredric Brown.

  • The Woman Chaser

    • Saturday, February 28 8:15 pm

    Introduced by Don Herron. A conniving used-car salesman turns his talents to the movie biz in this neon-drenched neo-noir, adapted from Charles Willeford's novel.

  • Phantom Lady

    • Saturday, February 21 6:30 pm

    Robert Siodmak swathes a Cornell Woolrich mystery in Expressionist shadow.

  • Série noire

    • Saturday, February 21 8:30 pm

    Introduced by Dennis Harvey. Patrick Dewaere is the perfect fall guy in “the darkest, daffiest, and downright dazzlingest adaptation of a Jim Thompson novel ever.”-S.F. Bay Guardian

  • Black Angel

    • Thursday, February 19 8:45 pm

    Introduced by Elliot Lavine. Dan Duryea and June Vincent in a booze-drenched B-movie version of the Cornell Woolrich novel.

  • Miami Blues

    • Thursday, February 19 6:30 pm

    Introduced by Don Herron. Fred Ward plays Charles Willeford's detective Hoke Moseley, in pursuit of sociopath Alec Baldwin and collegiate call girl Jennifer Jason Leigh. “A pungent, blithely violent thriller.”-New Yorker

  • Crack-Up

    • Friday, February 13 6:30 pm

    In this hallucinatory noir based on a Fredric Brown story, Pat O'Brien is an expert in forged paintings with a tenuous grasp on the boundary between real and fake-in art and in life.

  • The Kill-Off

    • Friday, February 13 8:30 pm

    Maggie Greenwald captures Jim Thompson's dismal vision of an off-season resort. “A nasty, claustrophobic little gem.”-Paper