Peter Kubelka: Films and Lectures

10/18/05 to 10/20/05

  • Peter Kubelka delivers his lecture "The Edible Metaphor."

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Past Films

  • Metric Films and "Poetry and Truth"

    • Thursday, October 20 19:30

    Lecture by Peter Kubelka. From groundbreaking 1950s shorts to the recent Poetry and Truth, we survey the career of the man Stan Brakhage called "the world's greatest filmmaker." "Kubelka's cinema is like a piece of crystal, or some other object of nature: it does not look like it was produced by man."-P. Adams Sitney

  • The Edible Metaphor

    • Tuesday, October 18 19:30

    Lecture by Peter Kubelka. The great Austrian avant-garde filmmaker presents his famous lecture on cooking as a communicative art, "the ancestor of physics, chemistry, and philosophy." With examples to see, feel, and smell, this program captivates the senses as well as the mind.