Pier Paolo Pasolini

9/20/13 to 10/31/13

A brilliant artist who was at the center of the intellectual life of postwar Europe, controversial and influential Italian director Pier Paolo Pasolini (1922–1975) took inspiration from many sources: Renaissance painting, Romanticism, Freudian psychology, Italian neorealism, ethnographic filmmaking, and music. This comprehensive retrospective features brand-new 35mm prints, many of which were restored by Cineteca di Bologna.

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Past Films

  • Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom

    • Thursday, October 31 7 pm

    Pier Paolo Pasolini (Italy, 1975). New 35mm Print! Pasolini's most controversial film-a graphic adaptation of the Marquis de Sade's famous work, adapted to an Italian Fascist milieu-“has not been tamed by the passage of years” (LA Times). Adults only. (117 mins)

  • The Arabian Nights

    • Sunday, October 27 5 pm

    Pier Paolo Pasolini (Italy, 1974). New 35mm Print! A magic-carpet fantasy rooted in realism, filmed in North Africa, Iran, and Nepal. “Pasolini's most beautiful film” (Tony Rayns). Adults only. (129 mins)

  • The Decameron

    • Saturday, October 26 6:15 pm

    Pier Paolo Pasolini (Italy, 1971). New 35mm Print! "One of the most beautiful, turbulent and uproarious panoramas of early Renaissance life ever put on film” (NY Times). Adults only.(111 mins)

  • The Canterbury Tales

    • Saturday, October 26 8:30 pm

    Pier Paolo Pasolini (Italy, 1972). New 35mm Print! “Chaucer is played for maximum ribaldry . . . (this adaptation is) uniformly gorgeous” (Village Voice). Adults only. (123 mins)

  • Mamma Roma

    • Saturday, October 19 6:15 pm

    Pier Paolo Pasolini (Italy, 1962). New 35mm Print! Pasolini captured the great Anna Magnani “like a found object” (Village Voice) in her role as a spirited prostitute; her downtrodden exuberance stands in for Rome itself. (111 mins)

  • Pigsty

    • Saturday, October 19 8:30 pm

    Pier Paolo Pasolini (Italy, 1969). New 35mm Print! A film in two parts (Orgy and Pigsty) about cannibalism and bestiality. "It may be unlovable, but it is triumphantly unforgettable” (Richard Roud). Adults only. (98 mins)

  • A Pasolini Omnibus: Three Short Films

    • Sunday, October 13 5:30 pm

    Pier Paolo Pasolini (Italy, 1966–68). Pasolini's contributions to three omnibus films: The Earth as Seen from the Moon, What Are the Clouds?, and The Paper Flower. (64 mins)

  • Medea

    • Saturday, October 12 6:15 pm

    Pier Paolo Pasolini (Italy, 1969). New 35mm Print! Photographed in brilliant color in Syria, Turkey, and Italy, Medea is an exotic and controversial reconstruction of the Greek legend featuring Maria Callas in her first and only film. (110 mins)

  • Hawks and Sparrows

    • Sunday, October 6 7:15 pm

    Pier Paolo Pasolini (Italy, 1966). New 35mm Print! The great Italian comic Totò plays opposite Pasolini discovery Ninetto Davoli in this Brechtian slapstick set in the time of St. Francis. (89 mins)

  • Teorema

    • Saturday, October 5 6:30 pm

    Pier Paolo Pasolini (Italy, 1968). New 35mm Print! Pasolini's first film shot in a bourgeois milieu is predicated on the theorem that “anything done by the bourgeoisie, however sincere, profound and noble it is, is on the wrong track.” (105 mins)

  • Notes for an African Orestes

    • Thursday, October 3 7 pm

    Pier Paolo Pasolini (Italy, 1970). New 35mm Print! Pasolini's documentary-mainly handheld 16mm footage-on his preparations to film a modern-day version of Aeschylus's Oresteia in Uganda and Tanzania. With The Walls of Sana'a.
    (86 mins)

  • Oedipus Rex

    • Sunday, September 29 7:30 pm

    Pier Paolo Pasolini (Italy, 1967). New 35mm Print! A dreamlike evocation of the Oedipus myth, filmed in Moroccan landscapes and set to music as disparate as Romanian folk tunes and Japanese pieces. (104 mins)

  • In Search of Locations for The Gospel According to St. Matthew

    • Saturday, September 28 6:30 pm

    Pier Paolo Pasolini (Italy, 1964 ). New 35mm Print! A record of Pasolini's travels in Israel and Palestine in preparation for The Gospel According to St. Matthew. With Notes for a Film about India. (87 mins)

  • Love Meetings

    • Saturday, September 28 8:20 pm

    Pier Paolo Pasolini (Italy, 1964). New 35mm Print! Pasolini interviews Italians from all walks of life on the subjects of love, prostitution, homosexuality, marriage, and the family. (90 mins)

  • La rabbia di Pasolini

    • Thursday, September 26 7:30 pm

    Pier Paolo Pasolini, Giuseppe Bertolucci (Italy, 1963/2008). New 35mm Print! Pasolini's 1963 film essay, constructed from newsreel footage accompanied by poetic and political commentary, reveals his radical view of history. With La ricotta. (116 mins)

  • The Gospel According to St. Matthew

    • Sunday, September 22 5 pm

    Pier Paolo Pasolini (Italy, 1964). New 35mm Print! “Pasolini's most satisfying movie. . . . The director's Catholicism and Marxism serve him well here (but) the film's beauty . . . derives from its simplicity” (Time Out). (137 mins)

  • Accattone

    • Friday, September 20 7 pm

    Pier Paolo Pasolini (Italy, 1961). New 35mm Print! Pasolini's famous debut film, a hard-edged and lyrical tragedy set in the Dantean slums of Rome. “Incandescent” (NY Times). (117 mins)