Powerpoint to the People™

12/1/04 to 12/8/04

  • A PowerPoint Competition

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Past Films

  • The Live Competition

    • Wednesday, December 8 7:30pm

    Before a panel of stern judges-monologuist Josh Kornbluth, digital communications designer Eric McDougall, and artist Anne Walsh-artists and others who have responded to our call for entries will display PowerPoint presentations like you've never seen, and probably never will again, unless this catches on.

  • An Evening of Automated Digital Presentations

    • Wednesday, December 1 7:30pm

    The screening will unspool like a riotous cascade of point-of-purchase promos and flowchart folderol, guaranteed to change your view of the Information Age. Including Peter Norvig's groundbreaking version of the Gettysburg Address realized as a series of handsome talking points. Come back December 8 for the live competition!