Rediscovering British Silent Cinema

9/10/05 to 9/17/05

  • High Treason, September 10

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Past Films

  • The Triumph of the Rat

    • Saturday, September 17 19:00

    Joel Adlen on Piano. The story of an underworld jewel thief betting on his own powers of seduction is a showcase for beautiful locations-and beautiful Ivor Novello, the "British Valentino."

  • Downhill

    • Saturday, September 17 21:00

    Joel Adlen on Piano. "In tracing Novello's humiliation at the hands of a succession of women, this may be the earliest example of Hitchcock's alleged misogyny. It is, however, the inventive formal devices that you will remember, notably in the scenes of drug-induced delirium."-National Film Theatre

  • Electric Edwardians: The Films of Mitchell & Kenyon

    • Sunday, September 11 15:30

    Judith Rosenberg on Piano. Turn-of-the-century working-class Britain seen in immaculately restored actualities. Discovering these was "equivalent to the finding of Tutankhamen's tomb."-U.K. Guardian

  • Underground

    • Saturday, September 10 19:00

    Jon Mirsalis on Piano. Anthony Asquith brings a fresh and modern approach to a tale of romantic rivalry, with imaginative visuals that depict the London Tube in an Expressionist light.

  • High Treason

    • Saturday, September 10 20:50

    Jon Mirsalis on Piano. Britain's answer to Metropolis features videophones, TV news, a Channel tunnel, terrorists, arms dealers, and preemptive war-this 1929 vision of 1950 looks a lot like 2005.