From Riches to Rags: Hollywood and the New Deal

4/1/09 to 4/19/09

Lessons from the last Great Depression in four evenings of films, talks, and live music.

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  • Wild Boys of the Road, April 5

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Past Films

  • Wild River

    • Sunday, April 19 6:00 pm

    Elia Kazan (U.S., 1960). Introduced by Charlotte Brody. Live music by Jugology. With short The Columbia (Stephen B. Kahn, U.S., 1941).

  • Gabriel over the White House

    • Wednesday, April 15 7:00 pm

    Gregory La Cava (U.S., 1933). Introduced by Gray Brechin. With shorts The Road Is Open Again (Alfred E. Green, U.S., 1933) and Hell-Bent for Election (Chuck Jones, U.S., 1944).

  • Wild Boys of the Road

    • Sunday, April 5 6:00 pm

    William Wellman (U.S., 1933). Introduced by Harvey Smith. With the WPA-produced short We Work Again (U.S., 1930).

  • Our Daily Bread

    • Wednesday, April 1 7:00 pm

    King Vidor (U.S., 1934). Introduced by Eric Rauchway. With The Plow That Broke the Plains (Pare Lorentz, U.S., 1936).