Rivette Revisited

6/9/07 to 6/26/07

We revisit Jacques Rivette's cinema of rehearsals and reversals with three films, including the monumental, extraordinarily rare Out 1, a "cinephile's holy grail" (N.Y. Times).

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  • Out 1, June 9, 10

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Past Films

  • The Gang of Four

    • Tuesday, June 26 7:00pm

    As in so many of Rivette's films, performance and life are interwoven in a metaphysical mystery. “A gracefully fluent and deceptively simple work, nearly three hours long but consistently engrossing. . . . Bulle Ogier's performance during the rehearsal scenes is a marvel of timing, controlled interiority, and sheer craft.”-Village Voice

  • L'amour fou

    • Sunday, June 17 3:00pm

    "One of the great French films of the 1960s [depicts] the doomed yet passionate relationship between a director (Jean-Pierre Kalfon) and his actress wife (Bulle Ogier). . . . The oscillation between love and madness, passion and mistrust, builds to several terrifying and awesome climaxes in which the distinctions between life and theater, reality and fiction, become virtually irrelevant. . . . This film captures the dreams and desperation of the sixties like few others, and you emerge from it changed."-Chicago Reader

  • Out 1, Episodes 5–8

    • Sunday, June 10 2:00 pm

    Special admission: $16, general; $10, BAM/PFA members, students, and seniors. Please see June 9. Episodes 5–8: approx. 6 hours plus 1-hour dinner break.

  • Out 1, Episodes 1–4

    • Saturday, June 9 2:00pm

    Special admission: $16, general; $10, BAM/PFA members, students, and seniors. Rivette's legendary, extraordinarily rare epic involves a pair of theater companies rehearsing Aeschylus plays and Jean-Pierre Léaud as self-appointed detective in a deepening mystery. "In the annals of monumental cinema . . . there are few objects more sacred than Rivette's 12 1/2-hour Out 1. [It is a] spectacle . . . unique in movies: an adventure and a hallucination." Episodes 1–4: approx. 6 1/2 hours plus 1-hour dinner break.