Skip Norman Here and There

January 25–February 29, 2024

Bringing together Skip Norman’s work as a cinematographer and a filmmaker, from his collaborations with his DFFB cohort to films made in the United States, Skip Norman Here and There is a rare opportunity to reconsider the work of a groundbreaking Black filmmaker.

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  • Blues People

  • 1 Berlin-Harlem

  • On Africa

  • Wilmington 10—U.S.A. 10,000

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  • Past
  • Past

Past Films

  • Wilmington 10—U.S.A. 10,000

    • Thursday, February 29 7 PM
    Haile Gerima
    United States, 1979

    4K Digital Restoration

    Centered on the wrongful 1972 imprisonment of nine men and one woman from the North Carolina city of Wilmington—still incarcerated when it was made—Wilmington 10 — U.S.A. 10,000 traces both the background of the accusations and the groundswell of support calling for the release of the accused.

  • Skip Norman: On Africa and in DC

    • Thursday, February 22 7 PM

    Made after his graduation from film school in Berlin, these three essay films reflect Skip Norman’s rigorous commitment to the analysis of Black disenfranchisement in both the United States and Africa.

    Introduced by Alexandra Gessesse

  • Skip Norman: Collaborations

    • Wednesday, February 14 7 PM

    Deeply collaborative, and with a political alignment that extended from the classroom to the streets, the work produced by the inaugural (1966) cohort of the DFFB rallied against the injustices they saw around them. With films by Harun Farocki, Helke Sander, and others.

    Introduced by Deniz Göktürk

  • 1 Berlin-Harlem

    • Thursday, February 1 7 PM
    Lothar Lambert, Wolfram Zobus
    West Germany, 1974

    Recommended for adults only

    This is a complex portrayal of the social alienation suffered by a Black American GI attempting to start a career and maintain a relationship with a white German woman in Berlin. Drifting through the city’s subcultures—including queer cruising spots and Berlin’s Black Panther Solidarity Committee—fleeting moments of tenderness prove less common than crass fetishization and brazen bigotry.

  • Skip Norman: The DFFB Years

    • Thursday, January 25 7 PM

    Recommended for adults only

    Produced between 1966 and 1969, these student films range from deconstructed narratives and agitprop to experimental essays, revealing the young Skip Norman’s multifaceted style and a commitment to social justice that would inform later projects and collaborations.