Strange Tales of the Whistler

5/29/10 to 6/5/10

Out from the shadows of B-movie history comes The Whistler, a series of swift-moving, eerily entertaining noirs, presented in brand-new prints.

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  • The Power of the Whistler, June 2

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Past Films

  • The Secret of the Whistler and The Thirteenth Hour

    • Saturday, June 5 5:30 pm

    Double feature. In The Secret of the Whistler, directed by George Sherman, painter Richard Dix finds “companionship” with a lissome blonde while awaiting the death of his wealthy, ailing wife, but the wife's legacy won't be exactly what he bargained for. With The Thirteenth Hour, Dix's final film. (127 mins)

  • The Power of the Whistler, Voice of the Whistler, and Mysterious Intruder

    • Wednesday, June 2 7:00 pm

    Triple feature. Richard Dix is an amnesiac whose past might best be forgotten in the cunning chiller The Power of the Whistler, directed by Lew Landers. With two more Whistler entries, both directed by William Castle: Voice of the Whistler and Mysterious Intruder. (188 mins)

  • The Whistler and The Mark of the Whistler

    • Saturday, May 29 6:30 pm

    Double feature. In the twisty noir The Whistler, Richard Dix plans his suicide using a contract killer, then finds the contract can't be canceled. With The Mark of the Whistler, based on a Cornell Woolrich story. Both films directed by William Castle. (119 mins)