Summer Cinema on Center Street

8/4/12 to 8/18/12

Join us for a series of free outdoor events-including music, movies, and more-at the site of our future home on Center Street in downtown Berkeley (between Shattuck and Oxford). The theme is cerebral cinema and the headliners are three campy classics from the fifties and sixties, The Atomic Brain, Donovan's Brain, and The Brain That Wouldn't Die. Pre-movie mania includes a mind-expanding mix of DJs, live music, short films, heady talks on neuroscience, and art performances. Bring a chair and sit beneath the stars!

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Past Films

  • The Brain That Wouldn't Die

    • Saturday, August 18 7:30 pm

    Joseph Green (U.S., 1962). Free outdoor screening on Center Street! DJ Timber, a reading by artist Dean Santomieri, and a preview of Tiffany Shlain's new brainy film set the scene for The Brain That Wouldn't Die. A demented doctor grafts his decapitated fiancées's brain onto the body of a disfigured model, and telepathic mayhem ensues. (71 mins, plus pre-movie mania)

  • Donovan's Brain

    • Saturday, August 11 7:30 pm

    Felix Feist (U.S., 1953). Free outdoor screening on Center Street! DJ Citizen Zain, sound artist Binta Ayofemi, and short films accompanied by the live sounds of Shudder get us in the mood for Donovan's Brain, where the jarred brain of a megalomaniacal tycoon gets a crazed surgeon to do its evil bidding. (83 mins, plus pre-movie mania)

  • The Atomic Brain

    • Saturday, August 4 7:30 pm

    Joseph V. Mascelli (U.S., 1963). Free outdoor screening on Center Street! Smooth Toad jug band, artist Michael Campos-Quinn's sensored sculptures, and Jeremy Martin-Shepard's introduction to Connectomics (the newest thing in mapping the brain's neural connections) jumpstart our first evening of cerebral cinema. Then in The Atomic Brain, an aging spinster finances the brain transplant experiments of a mad scientist in the hope that her brain can be transplanted into the bod of a younger babe. (70 mins, plus pre-movie mania)