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7/10/10 to 8/8/10

Our ongoing program spotlights some of the best recent films and film restorations of the past year.

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  • Close-Up, July 10, 11

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Past Films

  • The River

    • Sunday, August 8 7:00 PM

    Jean Renoir (U.S./India, 1951). Based on a novel by the author of Black Narcissus, Renoir's wise, warm Technicolor masterpiece follows several young girls coming of age on the River Ganges. “The artist, medium, and location combine, as though effortlessly, to produce an experience of surpassing loveliness.”-NY Times ( 99 mins)

  • Hadewijch

    • Thursday, August 5 7:00 PM

    Bruno Dumont (France, 2009) Expelled from a convent, a young woman seeks God's presence in the “real world,” and develops a friendship with two Muslim men, in this meditation on faith and mysticism in modern society. From the director of Flanders and Life of Jesus. (95 mins)

  • Lourdes

    • Sunday, August 1 7:00 PM

    Jessica Hausner (Austria/France/Germany, 2009). See July 29. (96 mins)

  • Lourdes

    • Thursday, July 29 7:00 PM

    Jessica Hausner (Austria/France/Germany, 2009). A wheelchair-bound woman takes a pilgrimage to Lourdes in this wry, subtle film about organized religion, individual will, and the power of faith. “Conjures a world in which the miraculous seems nearly ordinary.”-Artforum (96 mins)

  • Five Easy Pieces

    • Thursday, July 22 7:00 PM

    Bob Rafelson (U.S., 1970). Jack Nicholson is a restless wanderer out of tune with both his blue-collar present and his upper-crust past, and especially with a particular waitress (“hold the chicken salad sandwich”),
    in this portrait of restless American existentialism and untethered machismo. “One of the best American films.”-Roger Ebert (100 mins)

  • Easy Rider

    • Sunday, July 18 7:10 PM

    Dennis Hopper (U.S., 1969). See July 15. (94 mins)

  • Easy Rider

    • Thursday, July 15 7:00 PM

    Dennis Hopper (U.S., 1969). Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda hit the road on their wheels of steel, looking for drugs and encountering rednecks, Phil Spector, and Jack Nicholson along the way. An American counterculture classic, in a new, restored print. (94 mins)

  • Close-Up

    • Sunday, July 11 5:00 PM

    Abbas Kiarostami (Iran, 1990). See July 10. (100 mins)

  • Close-Up

    • Saturday, July 10 6:30 PM

    Abbas Kiarostami (Iran, 1990)
    "Kiarostami, in semi-documentary mode, re-creates the true story of an unemployed dreamer-an ardent cinephile-who passes himself off as the director Mohsen Makhmalbaf, a fraudulent act that becomes both an homage and a fresh work of art."-New Yorker (100 mins)