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8/27/05 to 8/28/05

  • F for Fake, August 27

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Past Films

  • Edvard Munch

    • Sunday, August 28 14:00

    "Peter Watkins's biography of the formative years of the pioneer Expressionist easily vindicates its running time (2'47")….In the end the paintings do Munch's talking for him, both directly and through the prefigurations and echoes in the film's set pieces. A remarkable film."-Time Out

  • F for Fake

    • Saturday, August 27 19:00

    An Orson Welles cult classic from the '70s in re-release! "Welles, the magician, the artist, the fraud, reigns again as the arch-innovator in an age of crisis for the self-conscious artist. This film is an expose of high art…Lies confounded with truth, with a wink from the greatest of our wicked Mesmers."-L.A. Filmex, 1981