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9/1/06 to 10/29/06

  • The Case of the Grinning Cat, October 27, 28

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Past Films

  • Neighborhood Watch

    • Sunday, October 29 19:00

    Graeme Whifler in Person. "Neighborhood Watch is a film that creeps up on you like a festering disease. In fact, Neighborhood Watch is a festering disease-its symptoms are fear, dread, disgust, and nausea."-Horror Review. Plus early music videos by Whifler, with The Residents and Renaldo and the Loaf.

  • The Case of the Grinning Cat

    • Saturday, October 28 18:30

    Please see October 27.

  • The World

    • Saturday, October 28 20:00

    Set in a Beijing theme park where the Twin Towers still stand just across from London's Tower Bridge, Jia Zhangke's recent festival favorite is a modern parable about the costs of China's cultural renovation.

  • The Case of the Grinning Cat

    • Friday, October 27 19:00

    In his latest video essay, a meditation on the body politic in post-9/11 France as represented by a mysterious rash of feline graffiti, Chris Marker is "as lively, engaged, and provocative as ever."-Village Voice. With Marker short Junkopia. Repeated on October 28.

  • Yang Ban Xi: The Eight Model Works

    • Friday, October 27 20:30

    The "eight model works" were Communist China's all-singing, all-dancing propaganda retort to Hollywood, selling Maoism with lots of leg. Ting Yuen Yan's documentary looks at the movies, the people who starred in them, and the people who still watch them today.

  • Overlord

    • Saturday, October 14 18:30

    Please see October 13.

  • Overlord

    • Friday, October 13 18:30

    One soldier's story from induction into the British army to the D-Day invasion is told through an artful weave of newsreel and fiction in this 1975 feature, a major rediscovery. "An outstanding achievement . . . timelier than ever."-L.A. Times. Repeated on October 14.

  • The Third Man

    • Friday, September 8 20:55

    The restored British version of Greene and Reed's most famous collaboration, with Joseph Cotten pursuing Orson Welles through postwar Vienna. "Seeing it on the big screen is like watching it for the first time. . . . Few movies hold up as startlingly well as this mixture of perversity, anxiety, guilt, and adventure."-N.Y. Times

  • The Fallen Idol

    • Friday, September 8 19:00

    Graham Greene and Carol Reed's gripping, gorgeously visualized thriller about a boy, a butler, and the butler's secrets. This new print "reminds us of the glories of the black-and-white cinema at its peak."-N.Y. Observer

  • Blue Velvet

    • Saturday, September 2 18:30

    Please see September 1.

  • Notorious

    • Saturday, September 2 20:50

    Trying to infiltrate a group of Nazis in Latin America, Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman find themselves entangled in a cruel love affair. Hitchcock's polished, perverse thriller exploits an espionage plot to explore the nature of love and loyalty.

  • Bigger Than Life

    • Friday, September 1 19:00

    A restored print of Nicholas Ray's searing CinemaScope saga of '50s suburban psychosis, featuring a brilliant performance by James Mason.

  • Blue Velvet

    • Friday, September 1 20:55

    David Lynch's color-saturated noir, with Kyle MacLachlan, Isabella Rossellini, and Dennis Hopper as the psycho next door, presented in a new 20th-anniversary print. "Still a hilarious, red-hot poker to the brain after twenty years."-Village Voice. Repeated on September 2.